Weekend reading

27 October 2017
Dear friends, I thank you for your patience. The stats tell me that several thousand of you are visiting everyday during my break so I thought I'd pop in with a list of weekend reads and to tell you I'll be back mid-next week. Hanno and I have been busy with all sorts of things here but I'll tell you about that when I come back.

For those of you in Australia, don't forget it's National Bird Week and the backyard bird count is on right now. It finishes on Sunday. I was ready to do my count yesterday afternoon but storms threatened, which affects bird numbers, so I'll be out there doing my count this afternoon.

I hope things are good in your home. Enjoy the weekend, take time for yourself and you family and friends and get ready to dive in head first again next week.  I'll see you then! xx

How you can actually save money on your power bill
Ziferblat. I saw a TV program about this in the middle of a stormy night recently so the next morning I searched for it online.  Originating in Russia, they feel more like a neighbourhood centre to me, but these places look like homes with living rooms, craft rooms and libraries. I'd hate to recommend anything to you that was touted as "the latest" no matter what it was, but even though this might feel like the latest trend to many people, to me it's an old-fashioned meeting place, and that is timeless.
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Women do most of the housework and other surprising census figures
The day 344 men moved a barn - community spirit, neighbourly love, hard work, low tech, don't you love it!