Weekend reading

6 October 2017
This is my one and only vase of sweet peas this year. I had to pull them out to make way for the cucumbers over the garden arch. They are Old Spice - a very old heirloom variety with smaller flowers but an intense fragrance.

Another lovely week has floated by and soon it will be the weekend again. Our Thai Pink Egg tomatoes and cucumbers were planted this week and a couple of Fairy roses moved from pots into the vegetable patch. But the most exciting news is that we had rain, good rain, and the tanks are full again. It feels good going into the warmer months with enough water to keep the garden hydrated.

I hope your garden is thriving, or your knitting is taking shape, or your sewing or soap or bread is doing what you want it to. Hanno and I are doing well and we're enjoying spring. I hope things are fine at your place too. Have a lovely weekend.  xx

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