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21 July 2017

Gracie, our beautiful Scotch Terrier, will be one year old soon. It seems like only yesterday when we picked her up from the airport after she flew up from a farm in New South Wales. She's really keeping us on our toes because like all Scotties, she's devilish, independent and intelligent. She runs through the house, skidding on the floor and crashing  into doors and walls when she turns a corner. But late at night and early in the morning, when she's sleepy and quiet, she's like a tiny baby who just wants her bed and a cuddle.

Yesterday, the groomer came to wash, clip and fluff Gracie. She doesn't mind being washed, or the hair dryer, but she yelped when she had her nails clipped.  After the groomer left, Gracie didn't talk to us and she refused to come inside. A few hours later, when it was getting dark and cold, she relented and slowly walked in. We've returned to normal - for now. 

Thanks for your interesting comments this week and for the support and encouragement you give me and your fellow readers. I'll be back again early next week, I hope to see you again.  Have a lovely weekend.  

Understanding Cat Tail Talk


  1. I love your weekend reading posts Rhonda and once again some great links for me to go back to. Had to laugh while reading the link about toast sandwiches as I gave our kids leftover curried mince on toast last night. When they asked the normal question of 'what's for dinner' and I said 'leftovers on toast' there was much celebration and excitement. Surprised you didn't hear them.
    Happy Birthday little Gracie. Now behave - just a little though ��.

  2. I needed to find a calm centre today, thank you. Its such a busy time of year right now here, too much harvest and too little time to process it all. Its the happy little souls like Gracie (and my own black devil, PussPuss) that remind us what our priorities should be.

  3. Gracie sounds like a very sensitive dog. I hope having her nails trimmed isn't hurting her. Sometimes they cut so closely that it's painful.

  4. Such a lovely dog, and she knows how to make her point. Heartwarming post.

  5. I laughed when you described Gracie running and skidding through the house because my 4 year old border collie girl does the same thing. What funny joyful creatures they are.


  6. I so love seeing Gracie pop up on the blog. She is a beautiful girl and all Scottie (the good bits and the challenging bits). I used to use a nail grinder on my dog Chelsea (a Rhodesian Ridgeback with dark nails) and she seemed to find it more tolerable than the clippers. My nephew Bailey the Scottie didn't appreciate anything done to his feet, so we will pass over him. . . I hope HRH had her favorite treat on her b.d.! Beth in MN

  7. I was commenting on Codinsandcream2 blog when I saw a Scotty on her reader.
    Had to see another Scotty and Gracie is a beautiful gud dug.
    We just got a Scottie puppy to be a friend for our 14 years old Scotty thehamish.
    I will have to pop in often to see her.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Oh Gracie! Hubby and I just love her!

    Thank you for all the wonderful links. Have a good weekend!

  9. Scotties are good dogs, no doubt about it. They really are entertaining little creatures, aren't they? I love my Sheltie Ranger and no one comes close to him; he is spoiled, in fact I call him 'my lazy farm dog' but he means the world to me. He had a bath today and of course not long after, let himself out to sit in the dusty garden. He lets me know (like Gracie) when he is displeased, too.

  10. She looks so much like my favorite niece's pup years ago. Enjoy her.


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