Meanwhile, in the world of the outernet

4 July 2017
I've had a nice mix of work and leisure these past few days.  I spent time writing an online blog course, I've been lingering in the garden, reflecting, thinking about the future and the past, reading, cooking and breathing in the fresh winter air. I enjoyed "meeting" and talking to the wonderful group of women who attended my blog course on Skype.  We could all see each other, ask questions and speak of our own experiences while being separated by thousands of kilometres. There is a feature in Skype that allowed me to share my screen so I took the ladies behind the scenes on my blog and I was able to demonstrate a few practical issues before we discussed the ins and outs of writing. Writing is such a solitary pastime and often writers don't know other writers, so having this group right here in my computer was inspiring for me. I came away thinking about developing an online course for writers who hope to have their work published. I'll think about it some more and work out if it's possible to present a worthwhile course online, and if I'm the person to do that.

By the way, I'll publish links to our new bloggers in about a month's time. That will give my ladies time to create and refine their blogs. I'm sure you'll all support and encourage them as they develop their writing and blogging talents.

Meanwhile, in the world of the outernet, I'm enjoying spending my days doing what I want to do. I love having time to spend in the garden watching the diversity of creatures living in our backyard. It looks like 2017 is a good year for tomatoes. Ours are growing well in the warm sun we have most days. How are your tomatoes and vegetables going this year? All our oranges have been picked, we still have a ton of lemons to harvest and juice, the daikon, turnips and lettuce have been harvested and I've planted out some sprouting broccoli.  Roses are in bloom, tomorrow I'll divide and replant my Serbian irises and if I think of it, I'll plant up a tray of lettuce and bok choy.

This is a recent basket of fresh produce I made up for Sunny to take home.  The bottom layer was the last of our daikons, the largest ones yet, that Sunny will probably use in her kimchi.
Fresh strawberries from our local farm.

Jamie will be back with us tomorrow so we'll take him and Gracie over to our local strawberry farm to buy more of the spectacular strawberries in season right now. The owner of the farm tells us that it's the best strawberry season they've had in 45 years.  In these times of crazy weather, isn't it wonderful hearing news like that.

Yes, here she is in all her sweet cuteness. 
(Below) I was working on the computer late one night and heard soft snoring. I looked down beside me to see Gracie, tummy up and teeth showing, lost in sleep.  Do you think she's relaxed enough?

And speaking of HRH Grace, I got up in the middle of the night recently and she was running around the house in a frenzy with my wool and knitting cotton!  She'd already tied the coffee table in several layers of my best organic cotton and there where knitting needles and crochet hooks spread over the floor. She'd also started chewing on the end of my wooden ruler. I was not happy!  But what can you do. I'd never hit a dog, or any animal, and if I scold Gracie, and I suspect most Scotties, they sulk and cut communication with you for a few days.  So I just picked it all up, glared at Grace so she knew she did something wrong and we became friends again the following day. Now all my knitting paraphernalia is out of harms way, where it really should have been all along. Puppies are such funny and cute creatures, until they're not. 😲

I forgot to tell you that I've been asked to write a couple of articles for PIP the Permaculture magazine; first deadline next week. I'll let you know when the magazine is in the shops.  Yes, Mr Homemaker, I can hear you from here. 🙄 You and Hanno were right.  LOL  Have a great week everyone.