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Thank you for visiting me this week. It's always great to see increasing visitors. I'm hoping that with more visitors here, that means more people are living like we do.  Welcome to all the new arrivals. I hope you find what you're searching for here.

Fridays come around faster than any other day.  I wonder if you've noticed that too. Monday is my favourite day now because I can see a week ahead with so many possibilities.

It probably won't surprise you to know that I've spent some time this week watching the bears at Katmai National Park in Alaska.  The bears have been back for three weeks now and every day, the water gets warmer, more fish swim up stream and more bears arrive. They gather at Brooks Falls to feast on the sockeye salmon, increase their nutritional levels and weight, and in October/November, they'll be ready to climb nearby Mount Dumpling to hibernate.  These photos are some of this week's highlights.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 🌞

A million bottles a minute: world's plastic binge 'as dangerous as climate change'
How to live without plastic bottles...
Facebook can track your browsing even after you've logged out
Fred's modern rite of passage
Meet the seed-saving couple living entirely off the land (except for salt)
How Cooking Can Change Your Life
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Food waste: How much food do supermarkets throw away?
Kids donate pumpkin profits to SES
Swarming bees and making Queens
Countryside online
A Glimpse at Simple Homesteading Life in the 1800s


  1. 'How Cooking Can Change Your Life' is a great clip which I'm going to show our kids. We were discussing this not so long ago. With homecooking we know exactly what is in the dish we have prepared, no chemicals, no excess salt, flavourings etc. Yes, I bake for them however I control the amount of sugar and type of sweetener to use, the type of flour and it has no added nasties. Then you have the skills, confidence, esteem, togetherness, satisfaction.
    The way we are brainwashed, I can see how it happens. It sneaks up on us. They are clever however I think a lot of us are now so much more aware and returning to home cooking. Let's keep moving in this direction, educating our kids as well as ourselves and supporting each other.

  2. That article about life in the 1800's made me feel sad. No wonder they died so young...all of that work! I can't imagine having arthritis in those days. I feel so lucky to have the medical advancements available now.

  3. Hi Rhonda
    First time poster. I have just recently discovered you. I was googling all sorts of things to try and find information. I actually am in a frugal group and your book actually came up so I went to the library to borrow down to earth, and I felt home. I had started trying to live a different way of life and didn't realise it was even a movement. We started growing our own food, as a mum of 6 we can't grow it all but we are trying in our little suburban backyard. I also started a Facebook produce swap group last year. It is going well. Just wanted to say 👋, and thank you for a wonderful blog of information. I LOVED that video by Michael Pollan....brilliant...I home school my kiddos , well the last three anyway, and they all can cook. Very good cooks actually. It would be a shame if this skill disappeared. I am doing my best to keep it going in my family. We preserve and I am eager to go back to all those lovely ways....I never had a grandma to teach me and my mum really disliked cooking, so it's me, just on my own, and I am sooo incredibly glad that I am not alone in this feeling that I had about going back to the old ways of crafting, nourishing my family with home grown and cooked food, and creating a family home where there is joy...❤️

  4. It's pouring rain here, Rhonda, going to be a wet day. All that beautiful water going into our water tanks and soaking into the soil:) I hope to get some time later today & on the weekend to explore some of those reading links, I always find something interesting there. Have a great weekend. Meg:)

  5. So many wonderful links this weekend - thank you!

  6. Hi Rhonda,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I eagerly read each of your posts and find your writing such a comfort in this modern, fast paced world. I am slowly incorporating many of your methods and skills into my life and home despite living in a city environment far removed from your lovely semi rural situation. You are teaching me so much! Thanks again. Elizabeth

  7. Thankyou Rhonda for making the time to comment on all th ese important issues. Individually we can despair but together we can have hope for the world our grandchildren will inhabit.

  8. Just finished watching the live cams at Karmal National Park and thank you for sharing the info. for this. I love watching the bears even though I would be afraid to do so up close and personal! Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  9. Oh, Rhonda,
    I have made the Ginger drink, and it is looking wonderful! I just bottled it, and it is already creating bubbles on the top! Such a fun recipe to try. Now, to try the Ginger Beer.
    Thank you for bringing like-minded people around the world, together.
    Linda--in Texas

  10. Hi Rhonda

    I was up in Maleny yesterday visiting the wonderful Knitfest and the craft sale. What a wonderful day. Did you get involved in the Knitfest at all? There was a lady there spinning wool!

    1. Hi Susan, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was here with Hanno and Jamie all weekend. :- )


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