Weekend reading

28 October 2016
Here she is, five minutes ago, on the back verandah.

Life with Gracie has been wonderful. She taught herself to roll over (very cute) and she's starting to jump. She only jumps an inch or two but she'll get better. After having large Airedale Terriers, having this small puppy takes some getting used to. But we're enjoying her so much, even when she bites our toes. She's such an endearing puppy.  I shared my scrambled egg with her this morning and she loved it. She also enjoys having a chicken wing for morning tea every day.  She's even taken to burying it sometimes. The first time she dug it up, she walked over to me with the dirt covered wing in her mouth and I thought she's dug up a toad!  There is something new every day with her and we're enjoying it very much.  Next step is her final vaccination on Tuesday and then she's off to the groomer.  Now that will be interesting.  

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