Weekend reading

7 October 2016
Blue eyes !

Most of you know that our Gracie arrived on Wednesday and we've had a couple of days to get used to each other.  She's such a joy and I'm sure we'll have many happy years ahead with her. She's tiny at the moment, just 2.2kg/4.8lbs, and we're working out how much she needs to eat, and when. She's been no trouble at night. She sleeps on the floor in a big box next to Hanno's side of the bed. She's woken twice during the night and she goes back to sleep straight away when he pats her. She just needs some reassurance, and to know we're there with her.

We had our first outing with her this morning when we went to the vet. The vet nurse wanted to take her photo and other people asked about her. But I guess the big test will be tomorrow when all the grandkids are here. I don't expect any problems, we just need to establish a few rules.

Thanks for your wonderful messages, emails and comments about Gracie this week. I'll make sure I include a photo of her every week so you can watch her grow into the strong and independent little dog most Scotties become. ♥︎