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21 October 2016

This is the culprit. Gracie, caught red-handed removing rubbish from the compost heap. This time it was a banana sucker - she was chewing on the end of it!  She's booked in to have her vaccinations on 1 November and after that we can take her out.  Her first engagement is with the groomer. She's grown a lot of very thick fur and she's starting to look like a little black bear.  I'm pleased to tell you that she's being an absolute joy, even though she likes chewing shoes and toes.

Lovely knitting and crochet patterns  - free
10 tiny UK churches
2016 wildlife photographer of the year - winners in pictures
The Fox and the Mourner


  1. ohhh she (Gracie) is just adorable! sounds like someone needs some serious chew toys or (ears)
    think you mean 1st November for her vaccination?
    thanx for the free pattern link, there's some wonderful patterns on that site
    great post as usual
    selina from kilkivan qld

    1. Hi Selina, yes, I did mean November, thank you. Gracie has plenty of chew toys but, like her owner, she's a bit of a contrarian. :- )

  2. My late other-in-law would have called Gracie a Scallywag, which somehow always fits for dogs! But, I am sure you cannot stay mad at her for long!

  3. Thank you so very much for "The Fox and the Mourner". Beautiful.

  4. She sure is cute! Thanks for the links.

  5. There's no getting angry about the shoe and toe chewing when you look at that face!

  6. Not sure how I feel about paying kids to eat their veggies. As the author says, I suppose bribed veggies are better than no veggies, but it's not something I'd do with my kids. I'm lucky in that my kids love vegetables, so getting them to eat healthy foods is not usually that hard. Of course they have their favorites and ones they don't care for as much--we just ask that they taste one bite of the latter, because tastes do change as we grow, but we don't force it on them. But you should see the looks I get in the produce section at the store when my 4yo and 8yo are begging for artichokes as a treat if they spot them on sale! :)


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