Weekend reading

22 July 2016
Our visitors arrive today and we're looking forward to many happy days ahead. The weather here is ridiculously warm for this time of year, it will be 28 today.  I don't remember another winter like it.

I hope the weather isn't too extreme in your neck of the woods and that you can take some time out for yourself this weekend. Put your feet up, grab a good book, relax or take a nap. You deserve it. :- )


I met Pip in Melbourne when we were on the book tour. Just like her blog, Meet me at Mike's, she is a true original and an absolute delight. Here are Pip's instructions for making a harlequin blanket.
Looking for ways to save money? There are a lot of good tips on this forum thread, it's 47 pages long: What did you do today to save money?