Weekend reading

1 July 2016
This is Hanno and two other travellers buying pumpkins and avocados at a lonely roadside stall on the road to Toowoomba.

We're going into week four of the bathroom renovation. Sigh. Most of the tiles are up, they still need to be grouted and then the fittings installed. I'm sick of the mess, the dust, covering and uncovering the bed with plastic sheeting everyday and having to use the main bathroom and toilet. Hanno tells me it will be finished soon but I'm not so sure now. But I'm hanging in there, I'm hanging in. :- ) It's good to have the bears to watch.

It's mating season now and while you don't see bears mating, you do see mating behaviour. This is an example above - male bear 856 (looking at the camera) guarding female 410 as she fishes. 856 is the largest male at the river and 410 is the oldest female.
And this is the beautiful habitat. This track runs alongside the river and is walked by bears, rangers and people who fish for salmon at the park.

If you've not yet discovered the wonder of the bears at Katmai National Park, you're in for a delightful discovery. I spend probably an hour a day watching them. The bears have just woken up from their hibernation, they're hungry and the largest sockeye salmon run in the world is close by at Brooks River, Alaska.  Mothers with spring cubs are wandering around, dominance is being established, newly emancipated older cubs are trying to survive and it's all absolutely natural, unscripted and happening right before our eyes. 

I took both the photos above this week as I sipped tea at my computer. This is a really wonderful opportunity to see nature up close and to see and understand how bears live their wild lives.

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Thank you all for your visits and wonderful comments this week. I have the most loyal readers on the WWW. Have a joyful weekend. I'll see you again next week. xx