Weekend reading

20 May 2016
Last week I told you about the upcoming poultry show near here.  Now I have photos to show you the juniors' competition eggs plates and some of the feathered competitors.  I think poultry shows and egg competitions are a great way of getting children involved in community life. They learn the discipline needed to show and they mingle with older folk who have a lot of knowledge to pass on.  If you live on the north side of Brisbane or close to the Sunshine Coast, the Lawnton Poultry Club and the North Pine Poultry Club both promote the keeping, breeding and exhibition of heritage and purebreed poultry. Both clubs welcome new members and take individual, junior and family memberships.

Click here for more information about the Lawton Poultry Club
Click here for more information about the North Pine Poultry Club 
 Junior section egg table.

Judging the eggs.

 This Light Sussex won at the Caboolture Show.
Old English Game.
Bantam Ancona.

Blue bantam frizzle.

White frizzle.

I was very busy at the forum during the week and didn't have time to post here.  Most of the work is done there now so I hope to be back with you next week. I've also been busy out in the garden and I had a couple of days down time when I slipped on a pea on the kitchen floor and crashed onto my knees. I'm almost back to normal now so it's full steam ahead.  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Let's get outside and smell the roses.  ♥︎

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