Chickens for sale and an egg competition

11 May 2016

I am really happy with our newest chickens. We got them from Beautiful Chickens just outside Brisbane. Kate from Beautiful Chickens sent an email today that might be of interest to our chicken lovers. She is sponsoring an egg competition this Sunday, 15 May, at the Dayboro Showgrounds. It looks like a great event for all ages. Details below:

We are also sponsoring the egg competition on sunday at the rare breeds show in Dayboro at the showgrounds.

If you feel your followers who live locally would be interested we are still open for entries of plates of 6 eggs up until sunday morning 9am.

They are judged in different classes looking for uniformity of colour, texture and shape and freshness in the 6 eggs. Juniors are very much encouraged to enter also.

I am happy to take entries early on Friday and Saturday if people can't make it down by 9am Sunday. It would be a great day out for anyone interested in rare breeds and colours in poultry.

These are a ginger Frizzle, a silver Barnevelder and a gold laced Barnevelder, all were bred by Kate.

If you're looking for some chickens, Kate will have a good selection of her stock at the Samford Valley markets at St Paul's Anglican Church this Saturday May 14. The market runs from 7am till 12 noon every second Saturday of the month. If you're after a particular type of chook breed, call Kate on 0414550302.


  1. Shame it's a bit far for me to go,I'd like to see Kate's chickens....yours are lovely looking girls.

  2. Your Barnevelders are beautiful looking birds and I am sure your ginger Frizzle would win any young childs' heart. It's many years since I have been to Dayboro and I am sure it has changed very much in that time. I hope Kate's egg competition goes well.

  3. Good morning. Rhonda, oh how I would love to keep chickens, at this stage, I am not able to have them as our yard is just not suitable. One day though. It's been years since I have been to Dayboro, I think I can feel a day trip coming up. Have a great day.

    1. It sounds like a great day out, doesn't it, Fiona. Say hello to Kate if you go.



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