Weekend reading

13 June 2014
Look who's back. Sunny and Jamie flew in from Korean yesterday morning. :- )  We will have a quiet weekend, a mix of work and rest. I hope you have time out for yourself over the coming days and take the opportunity to relax.  I'll see you next week.

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Farmers paying for Woolworths Oliver campaign
Farmers ask Oliver to intervene
Oliver's butcher shop closed after mouse droppings found
Upcycling furniture
Homemade chicken waterer
13 acres
The evolution of leisure
How to mend old shoes
10 vegetarian and vegan blogs you need to know about
Crocheting how-tos, step-by-step
My friend Michele is having a giveaway for the first anniversary of her blog - going grey and slightly green


  1. I know your heart is so glad and look how much Jamie has grown! Happy weekend to you, too!

  2. Rhonda, how wonderful to have Sunny and Jamie back with you again. Jamie would have grown so much while they were away and you would notice a big change. Thanks for letting readers know about the Aussie wildlife book giveaway. I hope you and Hanno have a relaxing weekend. It is foggy here and we are waiting for the rain to move in from the west today and tomorrow. Hopefully our farmers will get some respite from the drought.

  3. How wonderful to have them home Rhonda. Hope you & your family have an amazing weekend together, time with family is so precious. We have rain here today & think most of the weekend so will be relaxing, doing some scrap booking tomorrow then Sunday exciting day going to Ripe Near Me Edible-izing here in Adelaide. Enjoy your weekend :)

  4. Gosh Jamie has grown. Here I was thinking that the Woolworths Jamie Oliver campaign was going so well, and would help farmers, and children would eat more veggies......

  5. Not a little baby anymore, is he! He and his mother look wonderful! You must be very happy that they are back where you can see them more!



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