The rag bag

17 June 2014
Lori asked about making a rag bag after she read the last post.  I wrote about this way back in 2008 so here is that post, Lori. I hope you can make one up by reading those instructions and seeing the photos. Just start with a sturdy clothes hanger and take your measurements from that.

And here is a post about rags, again. I hope this motivates you to start your own rag bag. Let me know how you get on. 


  1. My Mum had a rag bag kept under the stairs, we kids used to rake it out to play dressing up with all of the old clothes in it. When the rag man used to come around the streets she used to sell it all.
    This was back in the 50's when money was short. I remember she used to save all of the jam jars and sell them also once she had a nice lot.

  2. Enjoyed reading about rags. I had already figured out myself about terry cloth and cotton/linen, but haven't got my head around all the green cleaning solutions. In the US I could easily put my hands on ammonia, cheap white vinegar and the like, but here in Britain those things are not where I'd expect to find them. I've never found ammonia anywhere, though I went on Money Saving Expert and found some suggestions about various sources. Never heard of Napisan either, but I've not had children. Have been using the homemade laundry soap with mostly success, may have to hunt down Borax (another thing on the supermarket shelves in the US but practically unknown here...or maybe my supermarket is just too parochial?). Bought some string the other day with the aim of trying to knit a scratchy thing for dishwashing. Sponges and such are cheap enough, but they don't last long and I resent the emptying of my pocket and the filling of my trash bin.

    1. Hi Shelley, I just received an email from Liz who tells us that you can get bulk vinegar, bicarb and borax at

      Thanks Liz.

  3. I have a rag basket...too many for a bag...I moved in with my mother last year to keep an eye on her and there is a lifetime supply of rags available...she is now in a nursing facility due to broken knee and dementia...many of the sheets set aside to go in to the rag basket at a later time will be given to an animal shelter...

    I do have a clothespin bag made by her mother that has been in use for over 70 years...thanks for stirring up some sweet memories with your post...

  4. Yes! I am going to make me one of these! Sounds great! Thanks again for another awesome idea!

  5. Perfect! This is on the project list for this week - I have rags strewn around everywhere so having a home for them would be perfect!!



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