14 February 2014

Weekend reading

Bread and butter cucumbers.

Another week put to bed and now the weekend looms. I hope you take enough time over the next few days to rest and allow your stresses to float away. We all need to be ready and able for our work next week. Invest in yourself and your future work by resting enough to do it well.

How to save money on your food shopping - Jack Monroe
Fake food in UK
Wartime Farm - You Tube, six episodes one hour each.
Traditional crafts
How to make a besom broom and here is an associated video
Whole Larder Love veg boxes - if you're in Melbourne and wanting to buy fresh veg from a farmer, this is your link. Organic pork also available.
Why I'm bored with superfoods
The daily routines of famous writers

Mindfully Making - have a look at the great outdoor oven Leanne's DH made.
Greening the Rose

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