Work in progress - lists

2 April 2013
I make myself busy on purpose. It helps me slow down and live simply. Busyness has always been part of my life. I work better when I'm under some sort of pressure or when I have to meet a deadline. Because ... when I have no pressure making me work, I don't. I sit back thinking I have all the time in the world to do what I need to do and sometimes I end up doing nothing.  At this stage of my life being busy is working very well for me. I have a lot of opportunities nowadays and I say yes to projects to keep me on my toes and for the sheer pleasure I get from it. When I work through all my tasks, then I have a chance to relax and I make the most of it.

People often comment on my workload but I rarely do more than I know I'm capable of. Being raised in a working class home, I discovered the benefits of work early in life and I've never found a reason to stop work, even now I can. I'm supposed to be retired but people keep asking me to do this and that and I'm happy to keep going while I can. When I thought I was retiring, way back when I closed down my business, I found that doing everything I wanted to do in my home made every day full, rich and empowering. I thought I was "retiring" and that work would ease off, but instead I work in a different and more fulfilling way which more often than not doesn't feel like work.

I have always found that writing down what I have to do enables me to work through the list without having to rely on my memory to keep going. A list provides a reminder of the work and adds an element of organisation to it as well. It allows me to think ahead and choose the tasks that need to be done and what can wait a while. Now that I'm moving into a very busy period, I'm doing a weekly and a daily list. This is the best way for me to choose what I'll work on during the week, then choose from that list what I'll tackle each day. I've found it's a very good way of organising myself and managing my time.

You can join me if you want to. If some of you join me we might do it for a few months on a Monday morning to see if the lists makes us accountable enough to make a difference to our work. The thing you mustn't do it to make an unrealistic list. It must be achievable.

I wrote my weekly list yesterday. I'll move whatever I feel like doing, or need to do on a particular day, over to my daily list. Hopefully by the end of the week, everything on my NEEDS list can be ticked off. I intend to go to my WANTS list in my breaks and on the weekend and hope to have most things on that list finished by week's end too.

My weekly list - Monday, 2 April.

  • Transfer the Down to Earth forum to another server.
  • Finish off the last few pages of the Milk ebook and send it in to be made into an ebook.
  • Read about how to create a newsletter in my email account.
  • Meet with Ernie on Tuesday.
  • Write notes for future workshops. 
  • Take photos for blog.
  • Go to the bank.
  • Pick up milk from the dairy.
  • Do a small amount of ironing.
  • Cook dinner every night.
  • Make a cake or biscuits.
  • Sow seeds.
  • Knit - finish off my cotton shawl.
  • Tidy my desk.
  • Write my blog.
  • Read.
  • Organise my new book proposal notes.
  • Take an hour's break in the middle of the day.
MY TUESDAY LIST - on this list I've moved items from my weekly needs and wants list to a list of what I hope to do today.
  • Write blog
  • Start forum transfer - this will take a couple of days
  • Finish Milk book
  • Meet Ernie
  • Pick up milk at dairy on way back from Ernie's
  • Cook dinner
Let me know if you join in and I'll find a way to link to you. I hope you enjoy your day.
Rhonda. xx