Reemerging slowly

8 April 2013

Oh boy. I haven't been that sick in over 35 years. I'm still not 100 percent fit but I'm vastly improved on how I was. I've had norovirus. I became ill suddenly on Wednesday night and by Thursday morning I was dizzy, had a fever, headaches and was incredibly tired. I couldn't eat, the smell of cooking food made me worse and I could only take a sip of water at a time. I survived for three days on fresh juice, ginger ale and water. Yesterday, I didn't feel as nauseous and I slowly ate a slice of bread with Vegemite and later in the day, a slice of bread with tomato. I was able to drink more too. Hanno bought me some lemon mineral water. Now, four and a half days later, I'm still dizzy and weak but all the other symptoms have gone and I'm much better than I was. 

As usual, Hanno looked after me and kept me going. He also looked after Jamie on Saturday and Sunday and kept us apart, with Jamie coming to the door to wave hello and when I felt better, he proved to be quite entertaining, although still well away from me. I'll be resting today but not in bed, thank goodness. It will do me good to sit on the verandah in the fresh air and catch up on my knitting in the lounge room.

For the ladies joining me in the list challenge, here is a tentative weekly list for me. It's very similar to last week's because I only got through half of last week's list. This is a good reminder though to not be too hard on yourself if you don't tick off all you want to. Some weeks are like that. Simply move it on to the following week and do what you can. I'm not adding anything new to last week's list. I think it will take all my time to get through what's there at the moment. I understand that you might not be in that position if you're caring for children or working outside the home, but always, do what you can, don't be too hard on yourself and don't aim for perfection.

  • Finish transfer the Down to Earth forum to another server.
  • Finish off the last few pages of the Milk ebook and send it in to be made into an ebook.
  • Read about how to create a newsletter in my email account.
  • Write notes for future workshops. 
  • Take photos for blog.
  • Make a cake or biscuits.
  • Sow seeds.
  • Knit - finish off my cotton shawl.
  • Tidy my desk.
  • Write my blog.
  • Read.
  • Organise my new book proposal notes.
  • Take an hour's break in the middle of the day.
I'll finish putting up the link list when I'm feeling better, so if you've sent me an email or comment, I'll get to it soon.

And lastly, I want to thank you all for your concern and good wishes. It never fails to surprise me how connected I feel to so many of you who I know just though your comments. It is a constant reminder how powerful the written word is.