Weekend reading

12 April 2013
Hello everyone! Well, I'm over it, finally, after eight days. The last few days I've tried eating but it made me sick again. Yesterday I had three small meals and I'm still feeling fine. I also feel stronger and less confused. For a few days there I didn't know if I was Arthur or Martha. I can hear Hanno sneezing in the other room as I type this so our roles may be reversed today. And yes, I will take it slow and look after myself. ; - )

It looks like I have two spaces left at the Saturday workshop. If you'd like to go, please email me as soon as you can and I'll put your name down. The cost is $195, which includes lunch and all day refreshments. I'll be sending out an email today to everyone who has booked.

And finally, I hope to have the Down to Earth forum back online very soon, hopefully today. I'll leave the link to the new address here as soon as I can. I hope you'll drop by to see the changes in our new setting.

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I was going to link to Mark's chicken retirement home post but this entire blog is full of common sense, as well as sense that is not so common, so please take the time to read Kate's Purple Pear Farm at your leisure.

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