Weekend reading

16 November 2012
Material Obsession - Marg's quilting group, that Kathy is writing about, is the group my sister Tricia has been going to for 20 years.  Over all that time, they've remained firm friends and sewn side-by-side. I think that's incredible and wonderful. BTW, Tricia is in the first photo with blue top and white hair. She is also in the sixth photo, erm, with the same blue top and hair. : - )

My Rose Valley - Scandinavian Homespun

Home grown vege protein - enter the Madagascar bean. I grew these for a few years and as one of my sons would say, "they're epic".


Linni at Home - waiting for a baby to be born

The Frugal Hill Way

Thank you for your visits this week. I noticed quite a few new names, so welcome to those folk. I hope we all have a relaxing and wonderful weekend. See you on Monday!


  1. Thanks for the list, look forward to visiting some of these blogs.

  2. Good morning Rhonda :)

    I really enjoy your weekend reading posts. It feels a bit like a news paper for simple living that I can browse at leisure over the weekend - lovely. There are some lovely bloggers all around the world sharing their lives and what they are learning - it is very inspiring. So, thankyou. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. How neat to see your sister there, and how blessed she is to have such a group of like-minded friends. I've enjoyed the creative energy that flows from the Material Obsession blog for years!

  4. Thanks for those links. I too am a Material Obsession quilter and love going there for classes among some truly inspiring people. Have a great weekend :)

  5. Rhonda,
    I want to thank you for introducing me to the Simpler Way article. A lot of the principles resemble what you teach here on your blog, but it was refreshing for me to read about it from another angle. Thank you!!!!

    ps: I especially liked this sentence: 'But as others ( like author and sustainable development expert Tim Jackson) have argued convincingly, the key may be to redefine what we mean by progress and prosperity.'I feel that this is truly the key to successful behavioural change.
    from Hannah

  6. Thank you for the wonderful site's you have listed. I always look forward to visiting them and reading. Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well :)

  7. Loved the quilts and your sister's hair is beautiful!

  8. Goodness! Your sister is as gorgeous as the quilts! What wonderful hair...

    I love quilting but don't have a sewing room. Getting all of it out and then putting it away before my almost-2yo can make a mess/get hurt is not my strong suit. So, quilting will have to wait another year or two *sigh*

    1. I know Skye! I love Tricia's hair. Mine is salt and pepper but she's had white hair for a long time. I wish mine would turn white.

  9. Hello Rhonda, this is just a test to see if the comment works. Hubby has been fiddling this morning, and hopefully he has fixed the problem :)



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