Why do you blog?

19 September 2012
It's Hanno's birthday today. He's 72!  Happy birthday Hanno. :- )

I've been thinking a lot about blogging lately. I'm not thinking of subject matter, it's rather the ins and outs of blogging, what makes a successful blog, choosing the platform on which to blog, how long it takes each day and what I get out of it. These musings will be part of a series of blogging workshops for beginners that my friend Ernie and I will present in our area soon. We'll also develop a website and possibly have online workshops as well.

Above, here is Ernie during our blogging workshops work session last weekend.  And Jenni and Hanno below sitting in the warm sunshine outside, drinking tea.

Blogs are written and read for a wide variety of reasons. As a learning tool - to find new recipes and ways of doing housework, to learn more about people in other countries, for entertainment and inspiration, to connect with others, to influence others, promote ideas, sell things, improve writing skills, to create a record of family life, and many other reasons.

When I stated my blog it was mainly in frustration because I'd written the beginnings of a book and had that rejected by the publishers. I turned that beginning into a blog, and have never looked back. I eventually got a book contract with Penguin and had my book published earlier this year, but my blog has become an enjoyable part of life for me now and I continue to write as much as I can.

The blog world was unknown to me when I started writing here and as I uncovered more and more blogs and looked into the family life of so many other people, I became hooked. I was lucky to develop a group of faithful readers right from the start and once I connected with them and started to get to know them, either through comments or their own blogs, I realised blogging was much more than its common definition - "an online journal". It's much more than that.

I have made friends through my blog that I'm sure I will have for the rest of my life. I have learned so much through blogging and I have been able to express myself in a very personal way. Some days I wonder if I've gone too far and others, if I've held back too much. I guess I always knew that people would interpret my words in their own way and that is reinforced each day. As a writer you attach your own meaning to your sentences but the writer is not the reader and each sentence is open to the experience and understanding of every reader. My recent post about breakfast in the cafe was a prime example of this. Some read what they thought I was saying, some just read the words.

Overall, my experience of blogging has been one that I would have been poorer without. Of course, there are the occasional anonymous comments that are filled with hate and envy and luckily now my blog picks up most of them and puts them in the spam folder without me even seeing them. The rest I read and wonder why anyone would value their own time so little by writing in such a way. But the overwhelming response I get is from a warm and loving community of friends and like-minded souls who write about their own experiences, value being part of this blog and who feel they are part of Hanno and I. 

There are two things that I love my blog for. One is the community of people who share our values and who regularly comment here. They show me over and over again that we are not alone. Even though we don't have neighbours who live as we do, we have you. The other reason is that I have created the most wonderful record of our family life here. More and more I am seeing this blog as a gift to my family - particularly our grandchildren who might not see life as we live it now when they're older. I would have loved to have a day-by-day account of my own parents or grandparents' life. It would have taught me so much and I think I would have been able to understand and know them better. If you're looking for a reason to blog, or you're unsure about what to blog about, use a blog to record a year of your life - with photos. It will be a valuable and unique gift to your children and grandchildren.

But that's enough about us and why I write. Why do you write a blog? What do you get out of it? If you've had a blog that you've given up, why did you stop? What is the most difficult part of it for you? Tell me the pros and cons of blogging as you see them.


  1. I had a blog that I wrote for awhile. I wrote consistently for about 2 years. I have resricted it now to only those I invite because of the sometimes vicious comments people left and those commenters who were there only to stir up trouble. I don't write often anymore as I am in a different season now but I write ocassionally.

    As a blog reader I read blogs that are of interest to me, are authentic, are on a subject I am interested in, and are mostly positive. My list of blog reads changes with the different seasons of my life and my interests.

    I will stop reading a blog if there are few posts by the author, the comments are mostly nasty, it is inauthentic or untrue, among others.

  2. Hello Rhonda Jean!
    Why do you write a blog?
    It's a natural desire in me to express myself in words and images sharing experiences and encouraging others. Before the internet, I published my own e-zines. Before that, I made little books to give to people. It's in my genes! (I started blogging in 1999.)

    What do you get out of it?
    Community. Never would have found my tribe without it. New members welcome!

    If you've had a blog that you've given up, why did you stop? What is the most difficult part of it for you?
    Feeling vulnerable and exposed sometimes. Plus a feeling of being redundant, knowing that there really is nothing new under the sun. There's many of us sharing the same thoughts and ideas. But, fortunately, there's lots of readers too and the desire to express oneself prevails.

    Tell me the pros and cons of blogging as you see them.
    Pros: Community. Encouraging and inspiring others. Finding one's tribe(s). Free speech. Generating income and opportunities.

    Cons: Vulnerability. Criticism. The internet is forever. Excessive screen time.

  3. That's an interesting post, Rhonda. I have been a regular reader of your blog for quite a while, and I have thought of writing a blog myself, but am not sure what the 'theme' would be, or what to call it, or where to start!

    I guess I would see writing a blog as a creative outlet, and a means of connecting with others.

    Rgds, Anna
    Sussex, England

  4. I'm definitely in it for the community. It is very nice to know that I'm not the only person out there who thinks our consumer culture is unhealthy.

    I also like having a place to rant about the general craziness that I see around me. I'm not sure that my ranting is helpful to anyone else, but it sure helps my mental health!

    Of course I also enjoy learning from my blogging buddies and getting new ideas about recipes, gardening, and life in general.

    This line of yours sums it up for me: "Even though we don't have neighbours who live as we do, we have you."

  5. Hi Rhonda, another Rhonda here. I blog for the friendship, the new and wonderful connections I've made while blogging, to share quilting ideas, recipes and to share the craziness of my life. I have several blogs under my belt and enjoy posting. The church blog was started a couple of years ago with the idea of sharing with members, family and friends who have moved away from our community but still wanted to keep up with church activities. I, also, have a farm blog which features the week to week things that happen with the animals, fence fixing, hay baling and farm equipment. My latest blog is a person quest I'm on. I'm taking photos of the cemeteries around the counties. I find it quite interesting reading the headstones. Some of the oldest ones (17 to 1800s) are in better shape that the newer ones.
    These are just some of the reasons I blog. Hope that helps.
    Take care.

  6. Hi Rhonda I look forward to you blogposts daily as I feel you are sharing things that I can implement in my home. Thank you! I started blogging to keep an online diary of what we were attempting with converting our entire yard into food gardening. This spurned so many more changes along the way and those things were documented too. Other south Africans started tomfollowmit and were inspired to do likewise on different scales and I have a little faithful readership. For the season of life I am now in I find time the hardest thing - sometimes I manage oly 1 or 2 posts a week, but I, like you, love blogging so keep at it.

  7. It's interesting that you've written this post because my husband and I were talking about this very thing over the weekend. We both have blogs and though comparing them we realise how different the audience and interaction on them are. I suspect that a great deal have to do with the audience - male vs. female - but also the type and emotional quality of content.

    As far as the reason why I blog it's pretty simple - to 'meet' others who share my same interests and as a journal/to-do list. It's amazing how much you can get done if you're planning on doing a blog post on it :)

    I always wonder why some people drop off blogging and I've actually written comments before inquiring as to whether everything is okay. Whatever the reason it's always sad to see a good blog being put down...

  8. And I'd like to wish you GOOD LUCK with your blog course...I imagine that you'll have tons of students clammering to sign up :) xx

  9. Hi Rhonda!
    I think I’m the newest lover of your blog, I don’t even know HOW I got to your site (I think I was looking for an organic garden tips), but I have to admit – I just LOVE IT, I love the way you write, the way you live, the way you describe anything you do! Its so reminding me of my grandma! The recipes, the style, your life view… And I wish that more people follow your example, so maybe our life will be cleaner and healthier!
    I try to share all my grandma “secrets” with my kids, friends, coworkers, but not lots of people do even listen. So? Who wants will hear it, who doesn’t… its their decision! I do not have blog, I’m too shy to write in English, not confident, because its not my native language, but I do talk…a lot… LOL…
    So, please, PLEASE do not even bother to read those nasty comments, we don’t know WHY those people do/say/write bad things! Just think that SO many people LOVE your blog, love YOU and love your thoughts! And those people teach their kids to live based on your example!
    PLEASE keep writing your blog, for us, who love to read it and follow you!
    Many thanks and hugs from Canada.

  10. Why do I blog? Because it's cheaper than professional therapy!! :)

    But honestly, I thought I'd start up a family webpage, but then found out about this "blogging" thing and used the blogger platform. Then it started growing with followers and it became a wonderful little community. I've also saved it all so I can pass it on to my daughter. Like you mentioned, I would have loved it if my grandmother or mother had done something like this for me.

  11. Alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag Hanno!

  12. I started a blog in the hope that it would help people to be able to grow their own veg and cook from scratch using what they had grown. When I began our journey of living on just one wage, I had no one to ask or help me,to find out how to live cheaply and I am hoping my blog will show people how we now live and if this helps just one person then I have acheived my aim.

    My blog is fairly new and it has been a steep learning curve. Not only did I have to learn how to use wordpress, but I learnt how to use facebook and twitter. It's certainly getting easier everyday.

    Rhonda, your blog is wonderful and I look forward to reading it each day. I think you are an inspiration to a lot of people in the world!

  13. And for me, i do write on my blog for the same reasons you do, as a famrecord thing and for the joy of writing wich i like to do as well.Sometimes it is a bit difficult for me with the teen-agers in the house, can i blog about this....(then i do write about it but dont publish it on my blog)
    (or about my parents who are not well right now, for about a year now and they dont want to be blogged about)

    Good luck! and greetings

  14. Hi Rhonda! I think I must have been one of your first readers, I don't know -- but I've known you for aaaaaaaages, I'm sure :) I blog for a few reasons: my mother and sisters who live as far away from me as it's possible to be; because we enjoy our family life and like to share it; and sometimes, frankly, because I don't have anyone to talk to. LOL! Recently a post I wrote a year ago went viral and that has been quite interesting for me in terms of how I think about my blog and the value of knowledge/experience and how to express it. I don't know, I'm in danger of rambling here. I'd love to hear your blog-writing sessions, so I do hope you will do the online workshops. xx

  15. I am disabled and my blog is to connect with others. I have no friends in my community in which to talk about sensible things or have an adult conversation about the world or our community in general. We have no connections with other individuals who are disabled or are able to get together who live a slow lifestyle.
    I have received many crude, insensitive comments also, but I delete them and then comment that those who prefer to make crude comments can move on down the road. I do not quit blogging because of these comments as this is what the tormentors want you to do, to bully and gain control.
    I do not have a lot of readers, but what I do have I cherish. I live a very mundane, quiet life, with no excitement that runs in my home or life. I do have however life challanges and health issues which I do share and the support from my readers I am able to life my spirits and go on and look forward to the next day.

  16. Happy birthday Hanno!! Wishing you a healthy, happy and joy filled year ahead.

  17. Maureen O'RourkeSeptember 19, 2012 7:11 am

    I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNO. from Maureen and Kevin

  18. Happy Birthday, Hanno! Indeed. And may you have many happy returns. Enjoy!

  19. Happy birthday Hanno!

  20. Hello Rhonda,
    I don't blog, like Anna from Sussex, I wouldn't really know where to start.
    I very much enjoy reading yours though. In fact, recently I realised that every evening about 9pm UK time, I would look to see what you have written about usually only an hour or so after you have done so. Always very interesting.
    By the way did you know that Hanno was born on a Thursday? :)

    best wishes,
    Angela (south England) UK

  21. I don't know why comments that disagree with a blogger are always labeled hateful etc. And usually they are which I think is unfair and not true at all in many instances. People do indeed read what they want to read and that includes bloggers. We are all open to being misunderstood. I am currently reading a thread on Ravelry which people are wilfully misinterpreting and responding to the op in a way that just has no relation to what was actually said. People seem to turn everything into being about them, so a general remark is perceived as being a personal criticism or someone has a bugbear and changes the meaning of something to suit them so they can rail against it. People are odd that is the bottom line. Some people are indeed vicious and venomous but others merely have a different view point expressed in a civilized way. It seems to that they are often responded to and treated in the same way which is a shame. Troll is a word often used but rarely used correctly. Discussion is good, abuse is bad; however both are discouraged which I find the main down side of blogs. Too many big egos who think theirs is the only viewpoint that should be heard. I like people who think differently from myself, that's how I learn.

    Some bloggers have groupies which I find terrifying. That is very off putting. To have admirers is one thing but to have people asking where you are and what you are doing when you are away for a few days is awful. Some bloggers seem to have a kind of guru status that seems to invite dependency. Just a few bloggers have this but it seems awful to me.

    I am considering writing a blog but I don't mind if anyone reads it. I like bloggs as people can reach you who would not otherwise have done so. Publishing involves a lot of back scratching rather than allowing the most talented a voice. I like to read anything that people want to tell me about. I enjoy crafts and current affairs and day to day living. Anything and everything can be/is interesting.

    1. I publish those that disagree with me, it's only those that are hateful that I prefer to put away. I don't want to spread hate. And when I say hate, there is no way to misunderstand what these people mean.

      I don't agree with you about the 'back scratching' and how do you judge the 'most talented'?. Who knows what allows some blogs to thrive and some to sit unread. I do think clear and honest writing has a lot to do with it but it also involves many other qualities that are more difficult to identify.

  22. Happy birthday Hanno :)

    I've always wanted to write a blog but I don't know if I'll ever figure out how I would actually go about it.
    There are various reasons I have considered it but most of all because at my age (early 20s) I find it hard to connect with people, especially in the same age group, who have similar values to me.

    However, reading your blog and recently joining the forum has helped me see that I'm not alone and hopefully after I get more confident I will be able to become more involved with this amazing community that has been created.

  23. ....and somehow I didn't see that it was Hanno's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNO -- we here hope your recovery is progressing quickly and completely, and that you are having a very happy day with a wonderful year to come.

  24. Happy Birthday Hanno 72 is a fantastic mile stone I hope you will have many many more to come .I have thought about blogging but that's as far as it gets in my muddled up world

    Linda xxx

  25. You have your own fiend??
    (You have a typo up the top of the post...)

    Happy birthday Hanno!

  26. I have three blogs. One is to inform the parents of my students of the children's achievements.
    One is a photography blog which is purely for sharing and connecting with other photographers.
    The next is a blog on frugal living which connects and brings together like minded people as well as sharing and informing.
    I love the blogs as they bring people together. Happy birthday Hanno!

  27. Why do I blog?? Hmm lots of reasons - I love the blogging community and reading other people's blogs; y blog is a record of some of the various things that I am currently doing; I have learnt so much from other people about lifestyles, their opinions, hobbies, families, values and the list goes on. I am not blogging to get awards, the highest number of followers or sponsors. I do it for me and me alone. I derive so much personally from having a blog that i would blog without anyone reading my posts!! Looking forward to your online workshops and website Rhonda!
    And Happy Birthday to Hanno - hope you both have a wonderful day together!!

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNO! hope that you both have a lovely day together.

    you know I an surprised Rhonda that people would bother to write malicious or hurtful stuff - why would you? Its like TV - it is optional, they dont have to read your words. I dont get that because its not like they can change what you have already said.
    I love reading your blog and do so nearly every day, as you know. As for leaving an account for the boys to read when they are older, that is just a fabulous idea and they will feel as though they really were "there" :)

    1. Hello Kathy. Thank you. That is exactly how I feel about the blog for Jamie and Alex. Hopefully what they experience with us here while they're very young will be remembered through the blog when they're older and we've gone.

  29. Happy birthday to you Hanno! Hope you have a great day and an even better year ahead!

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  30. I have recently been trying to make my blog work better and look more professional. It is HARD! Adding buttons and all that bizzo takes me time and have 5 children 7 and under and being pregnant again I am finding it quite the struggle! :(:)

    I want my blog to be interesting and I enjoy posting but the "setting up" part is difficult for me.

  31. The warm fireplaceSeptember 19, 2012 8:35 am

    Happy birthday Hanno. I do not have a blog but am thinking about it when i learn to use the computer i may have a go.

  32. Happy Birthday Hanno. I blog to record my life on our farm for my girls. I truly wished my Father and my Grandmother had been able to do this. Storytelling was a great talent of my Grandmother's and sadly all her stories died with her. My girls are proud of my blog and are very supportive. I have also made friends that I would have never known. Blogging is a wonderful way to make the world so much smaller. B

  33. Happy Birthday to Hanno. I hope he has a wonderful day.
    I stumbled across blogging late last year. I had taken a bit of a sabbatical from work as I was going through an emotionally challenging time in my life. During this time I discovered your blog and I realised there are like minded people out there. In my workplace I was beginning to feel quite ‘different’ to everyone else and I realised there were others out there with similar interests and passions to myself. This gave me the reassurance I was seeking.
    I did start a blog not long after this but then I got the jitters. I missed the community too much that I created a new blog a few months ago. I feel I am still finding my blogging niche but I cannot imagine not being involved in this wonderful community.
    PS I love the idea of your on-line workshop.

  34. Happy birthday Hanno! From all of us.

  35. Happy Birthday to Hanno! I, as someone who works in a library, and being middle-aged, got the idea to blog as a way of acquainting myself with a new technology, and blogging appealed to me more than Facebook or some other things. My object, which is inspired by a favorite blog of mine, is to look for something daily (although I rarely am that regular) which is beautiful, amusing, interesting or otherwise worthwhile. This has definitely helped me to see something good in every day, and to be actively looking for the beautiful. It's there!! Even in a "boring" life like mine.

    As for the time it takes - it does take a bit of time, especially when I'm trying to spiff up my photos in Elements. And, time spent in looking at the blogs of kindly folks who've commented on mine. But it's a wonderful community, and I'm grateful to everyone who visits my blog.

  36. I enjoy blogging but am still trying to establish a posting routine- a little tricky when its written by two of us and we're in different timezones. Tillie and I started because we were taking a similar journey but our experiences were different because of our different environments. We always found ourselves comparing little tidbits and figured why not do it more formally, in a way others can share? We also thought it was important to illustrate just how easy, simple, and enjoyable it is to travel by bicycle, the same way this blog illustrates living simply. It can be hard to find voices that provide a different perspective in mainstream media and blogging provides a great alternative. The most difficult part for us would be divisive topics (e.g. mandatory helmet laws) as people want to know your stance but will attack you if you share it. Unfortunately people are very willing to argue online, often despite being uninformed, rather than discuss. That can be really disheartening but all the positives make up for it.

  37. Happy Birthday to Hanno, hope his hand is healing well.
    I started my blog 3 years ago as a way to record our family life and what we are doing. It may not be earth shattering but it is a great record of our lives over the last three years.

  38. Happy Birthday Hanno!! May you have many happy more!

    As for blogging,I don't have a blog and no desire to write one.But I do enjoy many nice ones. The one thing I don't understand is why people have to get nasty and mean and respond to something they disagree with. I say,if you don't like what someone has written then don't read that blog! Why do they feel their opinion is so important that they have to put anothers down? I think if you are reading a blog that the blogger has every right to voice their opinion and if you disagree,then just go on to another blog or post.I read things that I don't always agree with,but don't feel the need to point out my opinion to everyone else. It is not that important to me.I will answer a direct question about how I feel,if asked.
    I know of some bloggers who have stopped writing because of other's nasty comments. They just couldn't take the meaness and hate.I think it is a shame that people who are miserable in their own lives have to pour their poison onto others in the form of hateful comments. Go get a life and stop leaving mean comments!! Darlene

  39. I would like to just add that I loved your post about breakfasts. It really resonated with me, and the other issue of those new fangled meals. My dh and I both love hearty good old fashioned food, and new stuff too, but both served in reasonable quantities, not requiring a microscope to see them on plate, as often is the case these days, aka what you said - with microdots of sauce or gravy.

    "As a writer you attach your own meaning to your sentences but the writer is not the reader and each sentence is open to the experience and understanding of every reader. My recent post about breakfast in the cafe was a prime example of this. Some read what they thought I was saying, some just read the words." -

    I added this quote from your post to just say, that unfortunately not ever reader, and maybe its the ones who send the horrible comments, have enough reading and comprehension skills to read and interpret the real meaning to your writing.I have never read or felt anything but true enjoyment after reading your blog, as its always phrased and written in a very informative, simple ( in a nice way) and pleasant way.
    You're doing a great service to all those who read here! Thanks Rhonda, and keep on sharing your great advice with us all here!

  40. I blog to try to provide encouragement for other moms out there. I find that many "mommy blogs" talk about their perfect homes, children, vacations, etc. I prefer to give a realistic rundown of what life is like for a larger than-average family, (waiting for child #6, the oldest is age 10), raising biological and adopted children, with some children having special needs. I am hoping that they will have a chuckle now and again and realize that life may not be perfect, but it is pretty amazing. I also want to leave a record for my children.

  41. Wow Rhonda, what a post, right when I need it. I've been toying with idea of blogging for a while but I've been struggling with the 'what am I looking to get out of it' side of things.
    I'm going to start that blog tonight, I'm going to connect to people who do what I do,(you the 'uncool' stuff like knitting) and I'm going to put myself out there. Thankyou.

  42. When my oldest daughter was really young, I was so afraid of dying before she was old enough to remember me. I realized eventually that I was blogging to keep a record....if something should happen to me, she could get to know me through my very own words. My brother-in-law was just killed this summer while biking home from work, at the ripe young age of 35, and I guess it's reinforced why I blog. I kind of wish he'd kept a blog that I could go back and read when I'm missing him....

  43. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hanno!!!! May the next year be your happiest and healthiest yet!!! XOXO

  44. My blog started as a way to 'show' things from my everyday life to my mom, who lived 8 hours from me. We are now 3 hours apart, and I still think of her a lot of times when I am posting something. I now think of my grandchildren and thing that my blog will be something left behind for them to 'know Grandma" just a little better. I found myself going through my blog recently, as I have been blogging now for a few years. Some of my posts brought tears to my own eyes, as I relived the emotion that was there when I posted each entry. It's a good way to journal...just for yourself...even if no one else is 'there' to read it.

  45. I blog because I want to share my world. I enjoy so many different blogs and I want those bloggers to know I'm a real person, reading and enjoying their work. Face it, blogs are a bit of work. We share ourselves and it's rewarding to have people comment. The down side for me? I've noticed my friends and family read my posts and then they don't call and ask how I am or what's going on. This bothers me because I still want to be in touch with 'real, live people.' It is fun to 'visit' with folks near and far via email and blogging, but there is nothing like sharing a meal and a drink or just a quick cup of tea with a friend. Happy Birthday to Hanno. I'm glad I found your blog Rhonda Jean, I enjoy reading about your adventures. You have motivated me (supply closet complete - thank you!) and you've inspired me to quilt. I even made biscuits one day because of something you were doing on the other side of the world. Someday I hope my grandchildren will stumble across my blog and smile.

  46. Happy birthday to Hanno! I started my blog just over 1 year ago to record important things in my life for posterity and through my blog I too have met wonderful like-minded people and learned a lot. I enjoy reading blogs ranging from frugal living, sewing to decor, just wish I had more time...

  47. Happy Birthday Hanno! May God continue to bless and heal you!

    I write my blog because the words seem to fill up and bubble over. They are joy enacted. It is a love of home, and family, the mountains where I live, where I was born. I am a Christian, my hope is just to encourage the people I meet along the way, not step on other people in the process. I read several years and many blogs before I ever started mine. I tell stories with words, like sitting around the kitchen table listening to family tales. Little daily adventures in fun, and some serious issues as well. Much like my own personality.

    The blogs I read are things I have always read in books and magazines, home, family, faith, saving, frugal, gardening, decorating, crafts, how tos. I try and read what enriches my life, and the things that bring me joy. I could not have the great life I have, though poor by many peoples standards, if I did not read. Reading helps me soar when I might otherwise stroll, blogging is just a newer end to that.

  48. Happy birthday Hanno. I don't have a blog but I do enjoy reading other peoples.Hanno we are off to Germany in December what are the christmas markets like?

  49. before blogs i kept a hand written journal,so when blogging became known to me I naturally jumped on board,but i had no expectations of a public audience ...the fact that it became interactive via other peoples comments was a unforseen delight...to the why.. i guess i like keeping notes on our lives.. i love going back and reading over and looking at the pictures and remebering things we done that I often forget about but its all there for me to look up..and now you can have your blog turned into a book well thats just fabulous..

    Happy Birthday hanno ,hope the hand is healing well xox

  50. I blog to show the progress I make in my home not only with my routines but also with any other project I am doing.

  51. Firstly happy birthday to Hanno. For a few years I "lurked" on many wonderful blogs, yours being one of them Rhonda. I thought about blogging for a long time, and I was encouraged to do it by my other half. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I have, that I would be motivated to keep on blogging and that I would get to meet so many other like minded souls.

  52. Hope Hanno has a great day and an even better year to come.

    I blog as a record of the changes we are making in our lives and the farm. It's a great way to force myself to take photos which I would never get around to doing otherwise. I recently had the blog printed and bound into a special one off book for hubbies birthday. He loves being able to flick through and reflect on our lives.

  53. Wow, 51 comments already!? You are really getting us talking this week.

    Happy birthday Hanno! Hope he is feeling better and can enjoy his cake!

    I don't have a blog but would love to have one. Why don't I? Because I know I am opinionated and don't want to offend people and get nasty comments. Despite being opinionated, I am terribly, terribly sensitive and I don't know if I could handle that.

    Why do I want to blog? Because I adore reading them myself, because I have a lot to say, because I'd like to offer an alternative to the beautiful blogs that I adore, but sometimes find a bit unrealisitic (NOT yours Rhonda! I relate to you on every level and find your words and ideas totally do-able. Not so some of the blogs that every picture looks like it's from a Home Beautiful magazine, even with kids under 5. How?). I'd like to meet (virutally or otherwise) people who are similar.

    Would love to go to your course. When are you running it? We'll be in Queensland around Christmas time.

    Have a good day all!

    1. There will be no workshops over Christmas, Eliza.

  54. Oh and wow, did you turn off the code thingy? I am young and able visioned but found I got the script wrong more often than not and have not commented for that reason. THANK YOU! Eliza

    1. Yes I did Eliza. I find it a real pain to fill it in when I comment on other blogs so I decided to take it off here. I'm getting more spam, but it goes straight to the spam folder so I really don't care. I'm pleased it will help you. :- )

  55. Hi Rhonda, and happy birthday to Hanno! Best wishes for a lovely day.

    Let’s see, I started a blog: so I could join a global conversation with other people on a similar journey to me; to help keep myself accountable and on-track to changing my life from career-orientated and ‘normal’ to one that is more authentic and meaningful; because I knew it would be personally challenging; and because I love writing.

    The biggest difficulty I have is working out how much to share, especially in regards to the children. I’m very aware that they haven’t chosen to make their life public, so I’m trying to be respectful of my future adult children when it comes to what I say and post. The other issue is the time it takes. If I didn’t have a paying job to do or a house and family to take care of, I’m sure I’d be a better blogger! It takes far more time than I thought it would.

    Blogging – both writing your own and reading other people’s - might be time-consuming, but it can bring a sense of validation, motivation and inspiration. I've learnt so much already from wonderful blogs such as yours, my life has changed a lot very quickly because of it. The blogosphere is an amazing opportunity to access ideas and information that otherwise just wouldn't be mentioned in mainstream media.

  56. Happy birthday Hanno! Best wishes!

    I started blogging while pregnant with my first born. I fell in love with crafts and had no one to share my passion with. I discovered blogs and found a community of like minded crafters and mothers and have gone from there. My blog is a way to document our days, as well as a way for me to have an excuse for some 'me time.' Something I don't get much of with a 3 year old and a 6 month old. My writing and photography have improved since starting the blog and other opportunities have opened up too. I have also made some wonderful friends. So many good reasons to blog! :)

  57. I blog mainly to keep a record of my life, the places we go and decisions we make. We're currently at a crossroads of trying to work out whether we can make our dream of a rural life happen (supposed to be making an offer on a property this wee), so it's nice to have a place to daydream a little about that, and record the process.
    It's been nice over the years to build up a little online community of friends too.

  58. Happy Birthday Hanno and I wish you a speedy recovery

  59. Hi Rhonda
    I started blogging to improve my writing style. I then discoved this wonderful world of interesting people out there. I love being able to flip from home hints, to cooking to blogs related to my studies. Being a remote student can be very lonely. I've discovered all these interesting people doing similar crazy juggles. One day when I'm supervising students or another Mum attempts a PhD there will be stories documented, stories to share about the joys of finishing a PhD whilst raising gorgeous kids. I often find your blog very calming when I need to focus on my home life. thanks!

  60. Hi Rhonda,

    I'm not sure how I found your blog originally but I'm so very glad I did. It reinforces everything my husband and I have felt for years. I live on a farm in the Canadian prairies and truly enjoy your day to day offerings. I am recently retired from my off farm job due to medical reasons and have been rediscovering "real living" once again. Living simply and allowing myself to breathe and live a much more humane lifestyle. We are not machines - corporations often forget or ignore which I learned far too late. I'm still very busy but living on less and enjoying it so much more while I regain my health. I have been thinking about hosting a blog but have so many questions. Glad to hear that a course is in the works.
    I'm definitely a fan. Keep up the Down-To-Earth posts. Sincerely Fay in Canada.

  61. Happy Birthday Hanno!!
    I'm so glad you wrote this Post Rhonda, I can't explain to people why I blog, so I just don't tell many people I have a Blog, which is a shame because I would like to share it with a few more of my friends. I have quite a few different circles of friends and I see my blogging community and friends as another group again. I think that some of my friends and even family might not "Get it" and I've never been sure of how to explain it to them.(If they are good friends though they will, right! I think I just lack a little bit of confidence...)
    As usual, your words just make so much sense, you hit the nail on the head every time! I blog for all those reasons you described above. Thank you, you may have just encouraged me to share a little bit more...
    All the best
    Karen xo

  62. Just popped by to say Happy Birthday to Hanno. Its a great day to share with him.

    (I don't blog anyway, just read everyone elses)

  63. I created a blog when I became a stay at home mum as I needed to do something for myself. I have just been thinking today why am I still writing my blog as I feel much happier in myself now. Maybe blogging helped me to achieve that.

  64. I have no idea how to start a blog and just wanted to wish Hanno a Happy Birthday! It's great to see him looking okay.

  65. Happy Birthday Hanno. All the nicest men in my life are born at this time of year....You add to the tradition.

  66. Happy Birthday Hanno. xx

    I started my Blog as a record of our transition from real townies to relaxed country folk. To chart our move into a more simple life, with chooks and pigs and all that farming calls for, I never for one minute expected to get so many followers and folk that call by each day to read it, but it's grown slowly and surely like a family of like minded souls.

    As we wait to find out forever home, the Blog has morphed slightly into a day to day diary, but I yearn for the day when we find 'our place' and once again I can record a transition.

    I've found many friends on my Blog hopping journeys, folk from all around the world that I would never have interacted with at all if not for my Blog. It has led me to popping up on tv (albiet briefly, I'm pretty guarded about any real invasion of privacy) and other exciting meetings with fellow Bloggers.

    What can I say, I love Blogging and I hope that you can introduce many more folks to it through your courses. It's brilliant when someone begins a brand new Blog, almost like a little internet baby, something to nurture and bring on.

    Good Luck with the courses.

    Sue xx

  67. I am another who doesn't blog, but am so grateful to those who do. They provide a window on the world for those of us who are unable to participate as much as we used to and gives interest to often dull and uneventful days. Than you Rhonda, for the part you play in my life, I am enjoying your book - and happy birthday to Hanno.

  68. Happy days Hanno ! Do hope that you are feeling well.Rhonda, I really enjoyed today's blog.I would absolutely love to do an online blog tutorial.Hope that it comes to fruition.

  69. hope you had a lovely birthday Hanno, & I hope your hand is healing well, Deb M

  70. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNO! hope you & rhonda had a wonderful day together

    hope your recovery is going quickly for you too

    selina from kilkivan qld

  71. Great post, i blog to have a sense of community with people and to share my interests with a wider group of friends. I really enjoy crafting and my friends aren't really crafters. The hardest bit is trying to create that community, getting people to visit and read your blog and talk to you about it. I've considered stopping blogging because somedays it makes me feel even more alone in my world. I'll be very interested to see your advice in the workshops.

  72. Happy birthday Hanno!

    My food blog came about when I made the wedding cake for my best friend earlier this year. It was such an honour and as I had never made a wedding cake before, I wanted to share the process with the happy couple as well as my friends and family. Much to my husband's delight it is also encouraging me to cook from all the cookbooks I keep buying (they are my little addiction) and it is a tool to push me out of my comfort zone a little bit more. I am also finding it interesting and exciting about the audience I am reaching as I never thought I would have people visit from all over the world when I wrote that first post.

  73. Happy birthday Hanno!

    I blog as a way of lifting things from my mind and chest. I blog so I can share things I find interesting. I blog as a way of ranking my business website better. I blog because I enjoy it. :)

  74. I starting blogging after reading inspirational blogs for a few months (yours included!). I wanted a place to journal the crafts and activities the children and I do together, and have a beautiful space to record them. I also wanted to share our ideas and hopefully inspire others. Through blogging though I have also found a wonderful community and have good friends who also blog. I like to think of blogland as a wonderful global village. My son now has 4 pen pals from around the world - friendships we've made through blogging - and he now has a greater appreciation of the world in which he lives. For your series on blogging are you likely to cover how to change blogging platforms by chance? I am thinking about making the move to wordpress.org :-)

  75. I began blogging as therapy. My husband has PTSD and TBI from his time in Ramadi,Iraq back in 2005. I started writing about that,mainly,our daily experiences,dealing with the military,getting help from the VA,etc. I also did it so that maybe someone who was dealing with the same things we were might stumble across my little blog and not feel that they were alone. It eventually evolved into how we started gardening,raising chickens,turkeys,making our own soap,composting,etc. Now it's a variety of all these subjects,including my new process of decluttering my mind,body,and home. I did go through a dry spell where I found it hard to come up with anything to say,but I when I started my new frame of mind,I felt the old inspiration again. :)

  76. Hi Rhonda,
    Please give a big hug to Hanno on his birthday =) and wish him lots of love from across the miles.

    Trinidad & Tobago

  77. Happy Birthday to Hanno!

    I started blogging because there seemed to be no homemaking blogs for women and mothers that worked outside of the home. Most homemaking blogs seem to be geared towards stay at home moms (which is understandable). And most blogs for working moms seem to focus solely on work or careers. I wanted to create a positive, encouraging space for working mothers that focused on home and family. Because even though I work outside of the home, my highest priority in life is my family and my home. Nothing in the working world can compare with the work done inside of my home. So, that's why I started blogging. To connect with other working moms who want to be home (but can't be at home full-time for whatever reason). And to show that not all working mothers are careerists who value money over home and family.

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  78. Happy Birthday to Hanno!

    I've been a long(!) time reader of your blog and am very grateful to you for sharing your experiences and thoughts here on your blog, Rhonda. :) I find so much inspiration in reading your words. I've had people in my community comment and ask where my great attitude comes from. I owe my gratitude to you for the nudges in the beginning of my process and journey. I find so much joy in caring for my family now. It's hard for me to remember the days when I used to complain about my daily chores and work. Now, even though my days are full with projects and chores, I find that I have been able to slow my pace and really, really enjoy this journey. My thanks go to you for your willingness to share your thoughts! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  79. I can't remember why I started blogging exactly. I think I was just searching for people like myself since, as you said, I don't have any neighbors that live as I do.

    I like that my blog is a record of all that Matt and I do and all the joy we share together. I like to occasionally read and old post and smile at the recollection of the event.

    I've learned an incredible amount about gardening, cooking, sewing, knitting, chicken-keeping, and LIFE from these amazing bloggers I've happened to meet, such as yourself.

    I also know that my extended family, spread far and wide as families these days tend to be, reads my blog and that makes me happy. They comment on what I am up to and it is interesting to hear their feedback. I doubt I'd call each and everyone of them to talk about my day and so in this way the blog keeps up more connected.

    And its nice to know there are so many other kind, home-valuing, do-it-yourselfers out there....even if I don't know many in the real, 3D world.

  80. Happy Birthday to Hanno and I hope that he is improving daily.

    I have a blog, but I have not posted in over 1 1/2 years. My wife posts daily and communicates with friends over the world. We were going on a bloggers cruise on the east coast of the USA and I did considerable posting before that and visited her friends that we were going to meet so we could get to know each other better. After that I basically stopped.

    I visit here daily, comment hardly at all and visit the forum sometimes.

    I really enjoyed the forum, but it seems to be mostly for lady home keepers struggling with simple living or family issues. So as a man, I feel a bit left out and don't visit as much as I use to.

    I love to cook, make my own bread and exercise my $99 Sears and Roebuck sewing machine. And I would love to know how to crochet. I spent two years in the US Army in 67-69 and my wife and I spent a collective 60 years in local law enforcement before retiring and now I just want to live a simple life.

    This community has similar dreams; to live simply, to live in harmony, to live peacefully. Although I am on the fringe and rarely heard from, I am here daily to see what my sisters can add to my quest.

  81. Happy birthday Hanno! My husband's(Don) birthday was September 14th and he is 71 as am I. Rhonda I want to learn how to set up a blog so that my family can enjoy reading it for now and as a keepsake for this time and place. Please give some online classea for those of us who don't know how to do the technocal work to get started. Thank you. Blessings, Carolyn Gilbert

  82. Happy birthday Hanno!


  83. Happy Birthday Hanno! Hope your arm is coming along nicely and you'll soon be fit and well.

  84. Hi!! Why I blog??? First of all, I began blogging to have a record of my family life.Because now that I have grown up children, many times I can´t remember how do we live when we were ten at home, or how did I manage with food or clothes or some funny stories that the kids remember but I don´t. I can´t write as frecuently as I would like to... I try to blog at least once a week, but although I have only two kids now at home, I have to work outside and cook and tend to the house so.... there isn´t enough time!!
    But when I can sit down and write and blog pictures i love it!!!!
    I also love reading others blogs, looking at wonderful pictures, learning new recipes and feeling that I´m connected via web with people from far away countries.
    I never missed a post from your blog, Rhonda! I have your book! (Thanks to an australian friend) and I´m enjoying it a lot!!!
    Nothing else, I don´t have followers but I like blogging !!!!!!
    Happy birthday to Hanno and thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Happy Birthday, Hanno!! I am wishing you another great, healthy, safe year :)

    I just started a blog (and this will be my very first comment using my blog account - now I'm officially public!). My husband and I just bought a 40-acre farm, and we are just over 800 km from our closest family, our parents. I wanted a way to keep the family up-to-date that didn't include bombarding them with lengthy emails or Faceook posts (and this also allows us to connect with those who aren't on Facebook, too). My coworkers are enjoying seeing what I get up to at home (and why I'm so sore every Monday!) and the family loves seeing the pictures as we complete projects. In the future, it could evolve into a sort of 'how-to' blog similar to yours. My husband (who also posts on the blog) hopes to start a vlog too, and I figure we can just upload the videos to YouTube and then embed them in the blog posts.

    I also want to say that your blog is really the inspiration that convinced me that this lifestyle is attainable and rewarding. Change is always a bit difficult for me, but with your encouragement I started to think about what's in restaurant and other processed food, what's in commercial soap and other goods, and where my hard-earned money is going. We now make our own soup, try to eat mostly home-made meals (although I admit that I'm a horrible cook, my food is always so bland! But I'll learn...), and try to keep our money in our account to pay off various debts and hopefully put a little extra on the mortgage each year. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rhonda, for showing us that simple changes can really affect quality of life.

    All my best to you, Hanno and the family,

  86. Hi Rhonda,
    Your blog prompted a question: you wrote that you love that your grandchildren will be able to read the blog later in their lives. I agree with the sentiment, but I wonder: how do you (in general) ensure this? Do you print your blogs and make it into a photo album? Do you save it someway on the computer? If so, what method do you use? Or do you trust the server company to store your blog for the years to come (over 20+ years)? I have been wrecking my brain about this, so I'm curious how you approach this.
    Thanks, Hannah1cestmoi

    1. Hannah, I am lucky that my blog is being archived by the Australian National Library so even if Google disappears, it will be on file at the library.

    2. I havent done it yet, but the blurb booksmart technology allows you to export a blog to a book and then get it printed (For a fee of course!) There must be other personal book printing technologies available that do the same thing. Hope that helps :)

  87. Happy Birthday to Hanno - so glad he is doing well! I began blogging because few people I know in *real life* share our values. I wanted to get positive feedback, and to show others that a large family, a frugal lifestyle, and a farm are worth having. There are days I love my blog and days I want to quit.... but I keep going with it.

    A lovely post, as usual. And the video in the ginger beer post is lovely - how wonderful to hear your voice, Rhonda! ~Julie

  88. Hi Rhonda
    I enjoyed this post and your insights ! I blog on www.thesolsticewriter.com as a way of exploring the world in terms of nature, self sufficiency and community. I hope to inspire others to explore for themselves and connect with the abundance that surrounds us. I'm starting to realise that blogging is as much a journey for my readers as it is for myself. I just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying your blog for some time and adore your book. I think I was already on the path to finding a simple life, but only realised this fully after reading your book! Best wishes, Justine

  89. Firstly Happy Birthday Hanno, such a wonderful achievement to reach 72! WOW all that lovely wisdom and life smarts you can share. Have a terrific day.
    I love reading blogs, and definitely would like to know how to get started with blogging. I would blog to connect with people, to learn new and interesting things from them and to chat about everyday life. I have just this year moved to our new property at a beach in Far nth Qld and are building a house atm. I am living in the shed at the back of the block. Will be starting a new garden, and planing it soon. Just getting the house to lock-uo stage, before the dreaded cyclone season starts, so as to insure it. It is amazing how one rethinks their life, when living simply. Blogging would help me talk through these issues, with myself and others out in computer-land, Love your blog, can't wait to here from you each and every day. Thanks Rhonda! Di

  90. Happy birthday Hanno!

    I have wanted to start a blog for a long time but have no idea how to start. Would be very interested to do your on-line course.
    Love your blog Rhonda and have been an avid follower for a very long time. Thank you for all your hard work.

  91. I know I'm a day late but happy birthday to Hanno. I'm glad you both had a lovely day in private celebration x x

  92. Hello! This is a really good question. I have a blog which is in the public domain, but its about private things (i.e.: things im sure other people wouldnt care about and/or google :) I started it up because I had a small baby and realised that keeping up with the baby book "at the time" of the events happening was pretty difficult for me. I'm on the computer a bit (keeping in touch with friends who live far far away and also with my online studies) so a blog seemed like an easy way (also I'm a 'gen y' so its more natural for me) to keep memories.
    After a little while i started linking in with another blog on slow living, and all of a sudden I had over a thousand views. I felt a little weird about this - as most of the blog posts (other than the linked ones) are personal. I started getting into the idea of morphing to a blog that other people read. But after a few months I stopped linking in as I preferred my 'privacy' even though it is a public blog. When I fell pregnant recently I eased up on the posts and am mostly posting pictures. Only because my brain has turned foggy and writing a blog is not high on my priority list of brain power concentration! At the end of the year I will export the blog to a Blurb book and get it printed... I aim to do that every year. We have loads of photo albums from when I was a kid, because my mum took the time to make them. Instead of printing our digital photo's and then putting in an album, i'll be printing the album in a book.

    And the other reason I started is because when I went to write my first assignment for uni, i realised that years spent on spreadsheets had rendered my ability to put a concise sentence together pretty much null. I needed to practice writing.
    I'm young (30 yrs - but i feel young!) but I love your blog and the advice it gives. The apron and homemaker posts you wrote have pretty much changed my life since becoming a stay at home mum. I was well on the way to PND because I thought that there was something missing because I wasn't working. Now... I love it. So thank you very much :)

  93. Happy birthday Hanno! Blessings and good health to you in the upcoming year!

  94. Hi Rhonda,
    I have been ready your blog for quite a while now and this is my first comment.
    I am an art teacher and contemporary textile artist. While taking some time off work for my family I started making things to sell online and at markets BUT........
    I noticed a trend that I didn't fit into, I call it idea hoarding. I got lovely responses to the things I made and people would often ask how I made them. I found it really hard not to share my ideas, where I got my supplies from etc. It is natural for me to teach and share my ideas but that's not a good business plan! So I gave up trying to make money and now I just share all my ideas and tutorials for free through blogging. I am a much happier crafter since I decided to teach others and just make the things I wanted to. Instead of focussing on making money through craft I now focus on saving money through making things myself and sharing my creative adventures so others can too. I hope to write a book one day, if only to be able to hold all my words and photos neatly in my hands and gift it to me children and future generations. Humans have a rich history of passing on skills and crafts and I am trying to continue this tradition in my own little way through blogging and teaching.
    Thank you so much for you blog, it is truly inspiring :)

  95. Tiggynest, I think you're a true artist because you're making your art accessible to so many people. I completely understand your comment and I know, that for myself, when I freely gave of myself and my ideas, that it brought so much more to me. I checked out your blog. It's beautiful and inspiring. I hope you get your book published.

    1. Thankyou Rhonda, I am so humbled by your lovely comments. Thankyou also for taking the time to stop by my little blog. I hope you and Hanno had a lovely day celebrating birthdays and life in general :)

  96. Margaret Blair in TasmaniaSeptember 20, 2012 5:53 pm

    Just want to wish Hanno a very happy birthday ,so good to see he is on the mend after the horror accident.And to you Rhonda Jean I take my hat off to you ,I just love your blog . Take care ,

  97. Hi Rhonda and all,
    I enjoy blogging, it allows me to express myself and I don't care who reads it. Not many people I expect. I have a few followers and I love it when they say they liked a post. I also do it as a way to showing my interstate family where I am living and what I am doing.
    I love where I am living and I want to tell and show people what it is like to live on a few acres and try tread lightly on the Earth and all that.
    I enjoy your blog and look forward to hearing what you have to say. I do not post as often as you, it comes and goes.

  98. Your post has made me want to blog. I would so love to have a blog of my parents and grandparents. To have their life, words and wisdom would be the greatest gift I could have and to be able to give it to my daughter would be wonderful beyond words. My parents are gone now and I only knew one of my four grandparents. The grandma I did know was a crafter, baker and creative person. While I loved her hand made gifts and have most of them still today, it wasn't until I grew older and she was gone that I truly appreciated her talents and the wisdom she had for me. In addition, my grandparents lives were so vastly different from my own and I would like to share some of that as I try to lead a more simpler life. Thinking of my daughter, I blog would allow me to leave for her and her children a piece of me that I hope they will cherish and appreciate. Plus, my blog may inspire others like yours has done for me. You are really getting me to think about my life and what I want it to be. I'm trying to slow down and tap in to what truly makes me happy. Thanks Rhonda.

  99. Hello Rhonda,
    I've been thinking about your question,and, I blog initially to keep in contact with my sister who lives in a large country town, and show our 95 yr old Mum what going on in the family. Mum lives with me and we don't do much long distance visiting.I do Face Book to keep in contact with my children and Grand-children.
    I like blogging,but I don't understand the bit and pieces of blogging.
    I just put up posts and if I get a comment ...I get excited.....If no comment..that's ok too.
    Looking forward to your course on blogging.
    I found your blog on my sister's side bar.This is my first time reading it, and I like your blog.
    Have a good week
    Barb from Australia

  100. Hi Rhonda,

    I'm one of your old time readers. I fell off your readers list for a while when life came along and turned things upside down, but I'm starting to drift back to the things that matter to me. Your blog is one of those things. I doubt that you remember me, but I was one of your few male readers in the early days. I remember making a tote bag from some old material based on one of your articles several years ago. I made it as a gift for my GF but she never uses it, so its come back to me since we moved in together. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to take it with me when I go shopping, so it still isn't being used. I'll have to change that from today.

    I wanted to comment here, rather than on your latest post, because this article is, specifically, about your blog and why others blog.

    I did have a blog for a short time. It contained political rants, pieces of poetry I especially liked, and videos from youtube that made me laugh, to name but a few. I have since deleted the blog because I found updating it a chore. It lacked focus. If I were to blog again then I'd do it on a single subject or group of related subjects, rather than the scatter gun approach I had.

    One of the things I have noticed about my interaction with blogs is that as they become more popular, the more likely I am to drift away from them. When I see that a post has over 20 comments, that tends to put me off commenting too. I guess I don't want to be lost in the crowd. I think that's something I'll have to teflect on more at a later date. I know I broken that unwritten rule for myself here.

    I have drifted back to your blog, not for the knitting and sewing articles (I'm not that kind of man ;-)) but for the soap, the breadmaking, the gardening, and the reflective posts you do. Keep it up Rhonda, I look forward to reading many of your old posts as I catch up, and your new posts as I read along with everyone else,

  101. Hi Yabusame, I do remember you. You were here in the first few years. I think you're in the UK, am I right? Anyhow, it's good to see you again and I hope reading here helps to lure you back to the simple life.

  102. Hi Rhonda,

    Yes, I am in the UK. Thank you for remembering me.

    I seem to be taking a round-about route to a simple life, but I'll get there eventually. Its a journey, rather than a destination for me at the moment. You may be pleased to know that I baked some bread at the weekend though ;-)

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  104. Rhonda, you are an inspiration! I've recently started a blog and am not exactly sure what I intend to do with it yet, but one of the reasons is I have been so inspired by yours! Thank you.


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