Weekend reading

14 September 2012
I have grave concerns about our dairy industry. I'm not the only one - The Milk Maid Marion.

Why real buttermilk is so good for you.

Food freedom - the right to choose.

Loneliness is a health risk. Get out, make friends and connect with your community.

The casual summation of the family unit - I love this idea.

From our comments during the week:
Donna at Little Acorns is getting ready for the C word.
Tracey at alWright being us
Rach at Squiggly Rainbow
Lorraine at FlowerlLady's Creations

Hanno and I are going out for a cruise along the Noosa River today and will then enjoy a picnic lunch on her banks. It will do us both the world of good to get out, smell the sea, look around and take in the wonderful region we live in. Thank you for your comments and visits this week and for your continued support of Hanno. He is slowly getting better. I hope you have a beautiful weekend. I'll see you on Monday.


  1. Hi Rhonda, thank you for the great list of links, as usual! I am an avid reader and a rare commenter, but I wanted to say that a friend and I used your soap making method last weekend, and it was one of the most satisfying handicrafts I have ever done! (Read about our experience at http://batchworthlane.blogspot.com/2012/09/we-made-soap.html). Thank you so much for your clear and concise instructions and photos- we knew exactly how to prep and what to look for at each stage, and it went off without a hitch! I'm so glad to have a recipe for soap that doesn't include additives of any kind, and my first soapmaking experience was great. Thank you as ever for being a fount of practical wisdom and inspiration!

  2. Oops, sorry- forgot about not adding a link in my comment, that was the direct link to the soapmaking post, not my blog homepage. All my best to you and Hanno, I hope he's feeling better!

  3. Enjoy the cruise!
    Did you write on the 13th Sept? Unable to find it on my computer.
    best wishes

    Angela (south England) UK

  4. I do love your 'weekend reading' posts. I'm sneaking off now to have an early night or should I say a bit of peace to read them.

    Thanks again Rhonda

  5. Thanks R xx Will look up those reads... always looking for a good book!

  6. What a glorious day on the Sunshine Coast for a boat trip & a picnic with Hanno. That light breeze has a little nip to it though, so I hope you take a light cardigan in your basket, just in case........ but it's beautiful & invigorating in the sun. It will do you both the world of good...... enjoy your day.

  7. Hi Rhonda

    Have a fantastic day all that fresh sea air will do Hanno the world of good and you of course lol


  8. Hi Rhonda, I was terribly shocked to read about Hanno's Accident! Poor fellow, that's the stuff nightmares are made of! Glad to hear he is on the mend now though, a cruise along the river sounds like just what the doctors ordered. The weather sounds nice up there, I hope you have a lovely weekend , relax and enjoy.
    Thank you for your lovely words last week or was it the week before, I've lost track of time...and thank you so very much for making Jacki so very welcome in your home. I do wish I was with her. I will be up that way over the Christmas holidays, perhaps you may be having another open garden then. :) She is coming down next week for the school holidays, we can't wait to see them.
    all the best
    Karen xo

    1. Hi Karen. We had a relaxing day that did us both the world of good. I'd love to see the Gooseberries over Christmas. Let's keep in touch and organise something closer to the time. xx

  9. I so look forward to my weekend reading. I'm having a little trouble with the 'buttermilk' link taking me to the 'loneliness' article. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  10. Loved the link to the food freedom article. Sure, home food producers can barter with each other, I suppose, but community markets are designed to be a place to share and sell as a community. If the community can establish their own policies (if desired by that community) concerning home produced food, then bigger government really shouldn't be concerned with it. They can dictate all they want to foods sold/shared in commercial shops and more legally bound establishments IMHO. But it's not practical to sit at home, make wonderful home foods, and think just reaching out to 5 or 6 neighbors is going to create community barter, sales, and sharing. I'm very in favor of small local governing rather than big government concerns - which may intend to protect us regarding big business practices - when it comes to local community practices and economy. I know there's no magic answer, but too much legislation and local economy don't seem to mix well.


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