7 September 2012

Weekend Reading

Meet Mrs Morley - what a wonderful woman
What is really in eggs from chickens eating grass and green vegetables - Mother Earth.
Tomato Blight and copper 
Looking beyond "organic"
I love the idea of "Greenhorns"
Discovering Waldorf at The Magic Onions

From the comments this week ...
Sharon @ laughing purple goldfish shows us some of her craft work.
Our new life in the country - there is a bit of everything on Sue's blog. Take a look.
Suzanne @ Enchanted Moments has new furniture in the chook house

What a week it's been. Things are settling down for us and although I have two presentations at the Real Food Festival this weekend, the rest of the time I'll be resting, knitting and spending time in the garden. Sarndra and Alex are visiting us today. Hurray!

I hope you have the opportunity of spending time with your loved ones too. Have a  lovely weekend.
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