21 October 2011

On my mind ...

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A card came in the mail last week. It was from a family who sent a lovely message about our Airedale Terrier, Alice, who died recently. Hanno and I were really touched by the message and the card, made for us by 8 year old Alice. I've been meaning to write a thank you but didn't get around to it and because it's been on my mind all week, I thought I'd share it with you too.  Thank you Alice, you did a wonderful job on the card and we loved seeing our Alice's photo on it. 

And now, before I do anything else, I'm going straight to my email to write a proper thank you to Lynn, David and Alice.


  1. Oh that is lovely. You must have been so touched, Rhonda. Little gestures like that really do make a difference to your day.
    On my mind this week is friendship- at http://thelittleblackcowblog.blogspot.com

  2. Shade for the chicken coop is on my mind now that the weather is warming up.


  3. I was just thinking about your little Alice. What was her age? I was thinking about the healthy diet you provided for her. You know I was looking at dog treats in Wal-Mart and almost all of them were "Made in China". The balance said "Distributed by Xxxxxxx Company" with no country of origin. You wouldn't think they'd be able to get away with that. I can only assume that they were also made in China.

    I tried your homemade Doggie Stew and my little Du dog absolutely loved it for 3 days, then he was over it - wouldn't touch it. Cranky little turd.

    Here's to Miss Alice.

    brenda from arkansas

  4. Hi Brenda, Alice was 14 years old.

  5. What beautiful thoughts, and as always what a lovely picture...xxxx


  6. Hi Rhonda, What a beautiful card! Eight year old girls have such big hearts. That is lovely!

    On my mind today are my geese and the dilemma they have caused me.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

  7. What a lovely gesture and beautiful pic...that's one thing i really loved when working with kids....they create some wonderful heartfelt masterpieces!
    I will attempt to join in your Friday on my mind post (as i have been reading them for so long!)but unsure as yet how to link back to people in posts. I will try and work it out today...my lack of ability when it comes to blogging is astounding sorry...but i will learn in time i am sure!
    I read the other day in one of Jackie Frenches' books that you can drape old corn silks and branches etc from the garden over the chook tractor/pen for shade as this will also move the shadows that play across the top naturally and help them feel protected against predators flying around if that is any help Lilian.
    Have a lovely day and weekend Rhonda
    Jode x

  8. What a lovely gesture.

    On my mind is the people of the past and the treasures they have left for us to discover.

    Thanks for another week of thought provoking material. Alison

  9. love the card that young Alice made--so cute and touching! (and kudos to her parents for teaching her to be so thoughtful.) Thanks for sharing, Rhonda!


  10. No cards for me, just a red cabbage...it was on my mind & in my belly!


  11. Rhonda,
    What a lovely card, and such a great picture of Alice!
    On my mind today, sharing a personal journey.


  12. What a thoughtful card . Today having the wind in my hair is on my mind http://lifeatarbordalefarm.blogspot.com/2011/10/on-my-mind-is-wind-in-my-hair.html

  13. That is a wonderful card. Thanks for sharing it with us on your blog. On my mind is this our first REALLY cold day... http://lifeforus.blogspot.com/2011/10/on-my-mind-first-cold-day.html

  14. Children are so honest and sincere in their thoughts and gestures: What a beautiful card. It was great to see a picture of Alice-the-dog too. :)
    On my mind this friday are yummy strawberries: http://sorcha-sidhe.blogspot.com/2011/10/on-my-mind-strawberries.html.

  15. That young Alice has a heart of gold, like her Mum! I hear she also made a little boy at the other side of the country very happy this week too.

    I'm thinking Spring Flowers again after seeing Joe's photos from Araluen in the Perth Hills

    Have a wonderful weekend every-one,
    coffeee Sue

  16. How gorgeous is that card...

    On my mind today is a new lifestyle - I am going to trial going wheat and perhaps gluten free. I'm tired of feeling tired and blah all the time.

    Any suggestions anyone??? http://myplaceforspace.blogspot.com/

  17. Hi Rhonda, that is a beautiful card. What a lovely and caring gesture from a young girl. Thank you for sharing the picture with us.

    On my mind today is alpacas.


  18. Hello Rhonda!

    Quick question for you. On the right side of the page there is what looks to be a needlepoint piece that reads "Live Simply" and "Be Humble" among other things. Where did you find that photo? I'd love to buy that for my home! Thank you!


  19. On my mind this week is this fabulous lizard found in our back yard.

  20. Peach, that is my photo of one of my stitchery designs.

  21. This week I've noticed for the first time that all the things I've been getting done for my 100days challenge have been PHYSICAL things... which isn't bad, except that some of my more cerebral persuits are falling behind...


  22. I'm thinking that I have more work to do, just add it to my list.

    It will be a fun challenge though. Really!


  23. I know i have already commented but just wanted to add that i have joined in with your On my Mind post and what is on my mind is the wallabies eating my strawberries and pretty much anything else they fancy...would love any reader's tips about how to deter them in the gardens!
    Not sure if you get wallabies where you are Rhonda...we live in town but still get them!



  24. Ah that is so sweet! Here's what's on my mind:
    Spooky Halloween decorations

  25. What a wonderful surprise to receive from young Alice.
    On my mind today is knitting and stitching

  26. Such a loving, beautiful card.

    On my mind is watching the Wales-Australia rugby game. I'm rooting for the Dragons here from Cape Town to come in 3rd in the Rugby World Cup.

  27. That is the sweetest card :) Such care has gone into it.

    Joining in with on my mind today: http://www.thebyronlife.com/2011/10/day-21-on-my-mind.html


  28. A lovely card and such a special tribute to Alice.
    On my mind today...Mexican zebras!

  29. You must have been really touched to receive such a thoughtful card.

    On my mind this Friday is cooking from scratch.

    Most of our meals are made from scratch and pasta is one of our kids favourites.

  30. What a sweet memorial to Alice. Lovely.

    This week I've got frugal best practices on my mind. Because I always feel like I'm practicing & practicing. :)


  31. Hi Rhonda,

    Such a beautiful card and thoughtful thing to do.

    Creativity is on my mind too much left brain thinking in the office this week!
    Jen http://two-days-at-a-time.blogspot.com/

  32. http://gettingintomischief.blogspot.com/2011/10/friday-photo-feature.html

    Mine is late but it's Friday still here in the USA.

  33. Young friends are the sweetest!
    My mother's four-legged friend is on my mind
    and how late my job is... come and see.


  34. I'm a little slow on the uptake Rhonda as it's now Sunday but here's my contribution to Friday's 'On My Mind'....



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