5 August 2011

On my mind ...

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For over fifty years it stood in our front yard - a camphor laurel tree, a declared weed in these parts, but also a wonderful shade tree and shelter for all sorts of wild life, including me. It had to come down because it was starting to fruit again and the birds spread the seeds far and wide; especially along the creek where the camphors tend to block the flow. Hanno thought the roots were undermining the house foundations so he's happy it's gone. I'm in two minds. I'll miss the old girl and it will take a long time to get used to that bare space where once there was inviting shade.



  1. Trees are some of our very best friends and it hurts when they have to be taken down. We had a huge Monterey Cypress that had to go and we replanted twenty different types of vegetation to take its place. Still it took some getting used to and for the grass under where it stood as well.

  2. I can imagine you have mixed feelings about this. It's hard to cut down a tree, especially when a lot of wildlife is involved. When it can harm the environment or your home, you have to take action though, eventhough it might hurt !!
    Have a great day, hugs from The Netherlands.

  3. Hi Rhonda,

    I'm sorry about the tree. Can you use the wood for anything at home?

    An unfinished project is what's on my mind this weekend (besides the heat, the yard, the laundry, etc.):

  4. A series. :-) http://maehegirl.blogspot.com/2011/08/nuriels-first-chocolate-fish.html

  5. Hi Rhonda and Co - lots of love from Worcester, UK. I'm procrastinating before writing with icing on my SIL's 70th birthday cake. You can catch up with me on my blog. In the meantime, have a great Friday! xx


  6. I understand your feelings about the tree. I lost (not intentionally - it became diseased) a wonderful old apothecary rose several years back and to remember her, I cut some of the canes, stripped the thorns and wove a little basket. Maybe there's a way that you or Hanno could take a branch or two and make something useful or pretty in remembrance of your tree.

    Diane in North Carolina

  7. On my mind this week is recycling in many forms.

  8. It's always sad to take a tree down. We have a stunning beech tree but it shades most of the garden and we don't get much light here, so we have to have it down.

  9. You will miss that tree. Hopefully you can grow another one in its place.
    Today my thoughts are on bringing in the harvest.


  10. Can you get some of the wood turned into bowls?

    I have a friend whose husband made me a couple of beautiful hand turned bowls.

    Just found this showing how Camphor wood looks when turned...


  11. I know what you mean Rhonda! I even feel a pang when I pull out annuals that are past their best. A tree would be hard to part with.

    On my mind today is good help for people with disabilities.

  12. Rhonda,
    I was so sorry to hear about your tree. It's hard to lose something you cherish so dearly. Maybe you can plant something in its place to honor it?
    On my mind this week are the wrens I watched build their nest on our back patio. The little ones flew off about a week ago, but I just saw them in the back yard. Good to see them flying like mama and daddy!


    Have a great weekend everyone!

  13. It's a hard decision, but one you have made given lots of thought....when we moved in to our house we had to remove a huge hedge that was blocking the sunlight to half the house, upon getting in there, we found it was rotten and actually rather dangerous as the local children used it to climb on the roof of our house and as a cubby.....they were sorry to see it go, but I knew it had to be done....I definitely didn't want children climbing on my roof either....
    At least you will be able to use the timber next year for heating.
    On my mind is my sour cream experiment...I made it 4 different ways....

  14. On my mind is Spring http://www.girlswearbluetoo.com/2011/08/on-my-mind.html Oh Rhonda this reminds me of when a neighbour removed a large Gum tree from his yard.

  15. It's a shame but I understand the reasons why the tree has to go. On my mind today is a spot of whimsy, with my photographic challenge.


    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

  16. Sad about the tree, but I know it had to go too. I love Camphor Laurel trees and their gnarled bark.
    On my mind this week is fresh milk...come and have a look.


  17. Funnily enough it may take you less time than you expect Rhonda. For 15 years we had a huge gum metres from our front window which had to come down. Initially the space was gapingly empty so I would notice it over and over, then it came to be filled by this and that and became a "new" space.

  18. I am so torn over Camphor Laurel trees. I don't live far from you, so I know how gorgeous they are from a shade and viaual perspective, but I also have a full understanding of how far they spread their new seedlings! The wood is just spectacular for heat boards & chopping blocks too - it's such a shame!!!

    On my mind today is holidays. My girlfriend is coming from Mt Isa next week and we're planning our holiday and I just can't wait! We're going back to Thailand to cuddle some more Tigers! myplaceforspace.blogspot.com

  19. We had a similar dilemma. The tree offered shade on our west side but was full of grubs that left a nasty rash and they were always dropping on us. We've replaced it with a white mulberry. It will give us shade but also fruit and no nasty grubs, but still I did love that tree!

  20. Look upon the demise of the tree as an opportunity and therefore it won't be missed for long.
    On my mind today is weeding my herb garden and getting it ready to plant some serious herbs for cooking. If you visit my blog can anyone tell me if I can prune my cumquat tree now? Appreciate your time everyone and thanks Rhonda for Friday on my mind.

  21. Come play in the rain!

  22. On my mind today is my daughter sitting her ballet and tap dancing exams!


  23. Good morning Rhonda.

    I love trees, probably because they are difficult to get growing here, and we have to wait years for them to provide shade...I dont like to see them get chopped...I would have mixed feelings too.

    We have quite a few old large gum trees around our town that I have noticed are dying or dead...how sad. I have been wondering why?

    On my mind today is to do with our garden.


  24. So sad to see a beloved tree go!

    On my mind today is our upstairs room, still in the process of being unpacked: http://batchworthlane.blogspot.com/2011/08/on-my-mind.html

  25. Hi Rhonda, it is always sad to see trees - especially older ones- go, even if you know that you have to make the best decision at the time. We have had to remove a couple of trees unfortunately due to their fire risk and I felt terrible about it. I did feel a little comforted when my husband reminded me of the many tree seedlings we have replanted in other places that needed it. I hope you are able to replant something there that will bring you and the birds and other wildlife joy again.
    On my mind today has been the importance of creating a welcoming entrance to my home in the country:


  26. I know how you feel. When we moved here there were three very large shade trees. Now there is only one. One cracked in half and the other got disease. Now you get the fun of deciding what to plant to replace it! Or will you put some sort of arbor near the front to block the sun further and a tree further away this time?Maybe you will write about what you have decided later. Sarah

  27. It is always sad to see a beautiful tree cut down but even worse to see native bush taken over by "weeds". A gent several doors away from here has a pepper tree that spreads it's babes in all our gardens...it's easier to pull up a sapling than a big tree though.
    On my mind today is another tree/shrub...my hibiscus

    Love from Sue

  28. Will certainly open up that space, time for some more creative usage there

  29. Hi Rhonda,
    This is my first time commenting on your blog, although I have been following it for months! You are an amazing inspiration to me, I have used a lot of ideas from your posts, and today I thought I would create my own blog about my journey creating and leading a simple, frugal and chemical free life. So on my mind today is the creation of my blog, Come Smell the Roses


    What a big effort taking down your tree! it certainly will create a change to where it stood!

  30. It is amazing how the shade from one tree can have so much effect on a block of land. The light in through windows can change so dramatically.

    I have had my surrounding on my mind this week, now that we are in a different country.


    Take care

  31. I'm always sad to lose a tree too. Another poignant problem is on my mind these days...


  32. We have a huge tree which dominates our front garden and does cast a lot of shade in summer...I know it needs to be cut back, but I love it so much.

    On my mind is juicing for health and wheatgrass: http://its-our-life-for-six.blogspot.com/2011/08/on-my-mind.html

  33. I feel your pain. I've got stands of red oaks dying of oak wilt all around the cabin threatening to break off in long chunks or just fall on something come the next high wind. I surely hate to lose them, though.

    Nice blog. Thanks for posting it. I'll come back and explore more later.


  34. So sorry to read about your tree! It's so hard when something so beautiful can also be the source of something bad. That's a tough decision to have to make!

    My contribution this morning is Sunflowers and Honey Bees!

    Please stop by and say hi while there! :)

  35. I know the feeling. We've lost two of the three monster willow trees at my family home and I still miss them. They were great shade tree, great to climb in. But they made a mess of our well and a mess all over the yard as they shed branches like crazy. I cried when my dad had the first one cut down, but it was the right decision. The second one actually fell on its own and we were incredibly luck that it fell into the garden and not onto the barn. It takes getting used to, but I like to think of it as an opportunity - what kind of useful tree can replace it?

  36. I am sorry for your tree loss! I know how it feels to have them as friends. In fact, on my mind this week is making friends with a patch of moss:


  37. We have had some wild weather around here, lots of large branches down, but none that big, thank God for his mercy upon us, hope you do not get anything more serious, blessings my friend.

  38. I would miss that tree too! When my parents needed to cut down a tree on land that was long in the family, it hurt my heart to think of the generations of my family before me that had seen that tree standing, and how it would be no more.

    Today I've got sprouting on my mind: http://greenveggies.blogspot.com/2011/08/on-my-mind.html

  39. Much as I love all trees, I try to restrict those in the garden to natives and productive fruit trees. That said, we are stuck with the two sycamores at the end of the garden - too big to come out with so many houses now buit around them. We managed to cut down one of the lower branches last weekend, and it has allowed much more light in to the last third of the garden. This weekend two branches on the other tree are for the chop so we can have a bigger shed.

  40. It's always hard loosing the shade.
    On my mind is a bit of relief...

  41. On my mind today is Salmon... grilled over fruit wood culled from the trimmings of local orchards. Beautiful day, wonderful food, charming people! Check out my day at the Payson Salmon Supper at http://kathyburton.blogspot.com/

  42. I do love trees and completely understand the difficulty about making a decison to remove a tree.
    Thank you for inspiring me to put into words what is on my mind you can read about it here http://cherisong-plaskellymac.blogspot.com/

  43. Rhonda,

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your tree. It's always sad to watch them go. We lost a tree this year too--after it fell on our house. I was sad about the occasion, but it was a relief that it didn't damage our home! Hope yours didn't damage your foundation.

    Here's my link, I apologize for my tardiness! http://bit.ly/qwdPPh

    Have a great weekend!


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