4 August 2011

I will stop now

I've been making jam lately. Lots of it. I started off when strawberry season started and they were only $1.50 a punnet. I asked Hanno to get some because I was about to do a workshop about making jam and relish and they would be perfect. Naturally we bought some for us and I made my own jam. Sweet homemade strawberry jam - it tastes of strawberries, not sugar.

We usually make jam twice a year when the seasons give us strawberries in winter and peaches in summer. In January I made peach jam and we still have a ton of it.

And when I did the jam workshop, one of the ladies there offered me some Seville oranges from trees on her farm! Sevilles! You can never buy them in the shops now - they are those tart oranges, the ones used in traditional  marmalade. Naturally I received them with open arms. I made orange marmalade. Ahem.

I have just looked in the stockpile cupboard. We have 17 jars of homemade jam! We also have three jars of organic raspberry jam and three of organic apricot jam. Oh, and we also have jam, marmalade and relish - homemade and given to us. And we don't eat a lot of jam. At least there are plenty of jars for giving.

Okay, I will stop now.

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