UPDATE: Dish cloth swap

19 April 2011

Hello all

I am so pleased to see so very many of you interested in this swap. It is going to be so much fun! Here are your instructions to complete your sign up. (They are a bit different than other swaps, as this swap is also on the forum, and I have a little issue with typing....umm I biffed it and broke my wrist rather badly at the end of Feb. , had surgery to place a plate a screws- airport security is really gonna love me-I do fly, and am still in a cast. I am basically typing with one hand). So here are the steps to finalize your sign up and help me out too:

1. send me (Sharon) an e mail at: cdetroyes(at)yahoo(dot)com

2. title your email: SWAP

3.tell me your : a) name

b)your country

c)whether you wish to ship internationally or not (remember it can be more expensive)

I will take e mails until Monday of next week, April 25-which is Easter Monday here in the US and I believe Anzac Day in Australia. I will divey-up swap buddies during the rest of the week with the help of the lovely Rose and post them on Saturday April 30th. Then you can mail your swap buddy and get to know each other. The wonderful thing about swaps is the chance to make a new friend. I have been so lucky-I have made several new friends (HI Ann and Mandy)

who have become so close that quite often when my daughters are out shopping with me we will all look for Ann's kids too, like part of a long distance family. Don't worry about skill and perfection-just join in and enjoy a new friend !!


  1. Nice to see you Sharon! I shall knit a dish cloth or two for "just in case".

  2. Hi all :-)

    Just though I would let you know that I have emailed you (Sharon) to take part in the swap, and to also let you know that I have written about this post over at my blog - www.purposefulwomanhood.net I have never done one of these swaps, but I am ready to give it a go...

    I have just stumbled on to this blog - I love it so much! I am going around and reading a lot more posts, so don't be surprised if I leave a whole lot more comments also, lol.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Thanks so much for this swap...I had a broken wrist in a cast 2 summers ago. so I know your situation. I really learned to do so much one handed!

  4. So sorry to hear about your wrist. My husband broke his at the end of February. Now his has 10 wonderful screws in it that I'm sure the security system is going to love.
    Hope your wrist is better before you know it!

  5. I haven't done a swap for such a long time. I'm so excittied there so much fun.

    Coffee is on.

  6. Please, count me in; sending you a PM with the requested information and thanks for the FUN!

  7. I can tell you from first hand (wrist) experience that the screws and metal plate dont set off any alarms thru security at the airport...I broke my wrist last year and have travelled thr 3 airports and none of them went off. I hope your wrist heals quick and doesnt give you any problems :)



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