21 January 2011

On my mind ...

This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. It opens the door to us sharing our lives with these photos and gives us all a new way to discover each other, and maybe form new friendships. Your photo should show something at home that you're thinking about TODAY.

To take part in this, all you have to do is post a photo, write a short caption explaining it, and link it back to here. Please write a new post, don't link to an older one.  When your photo is published, come back and add a comment below, with a link to your blog photo. We will all be able to follow the breadcrumbs in the woods that lead to each new photo. Who know where these trails will lead us.

I'm thinking about my knitting today.  As you can see I have a number of projects underway.  The blue is a jumper for Hanno (Merino pure wool) that was supposed to be finished last winter; the green is one side of a tea cosy (organic cotton); the black is the beginning of a second mitten (Merino pure wool); and the pink is the start of a baby hat (bamboo and cotton).  I have promised myself not to start another project until all of these are finished.



  1. Hello Rhonda: It is cold with lovely snow here today.I like the colour of your green wool. What is on my mind is The Pot. www.ravenhush.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Rhonda,

    I'm early with my post this week, as its still Thursday here, but my mind is so consumed with this subject that I had to go write about it.


    Happy knitting Rhonda. X Ferris

  3. Someone else up bright and early in Southern Queensland:)

    The green of the tea cosy is beautiful - like granny smith apples.

  4. Dear Rhonda, I do love knitting. The pink bambo/cotton yarn is absolutely lovely. however, I do have 7 unfinished projects at the moment. It's hard for me not to start anothe rone before the other is finished ;) :) :) Thanks for sharing what you are thinking about today :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. I can so relate. Why is it we do not complete one project before starting another? I don't seem to be able to do it, I always have several crochet and sewing projects going at one time. I wish you luck in finishing these before starting another. I never keep promises to myself.:)

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Rhonda,

    I'm likely early with my post, being that it's only Thursday here. I schedule mine earlier than I post, and so here is my post:
    It is scheduled to post in 13 hours, but if you follow the link, you can enjoy it on your Friday, and everyone else will enjoy it on mine. :)

    I'm positive I'll be thinking about this tomorrow, as well. Have a great day!

  7. I'm thinking about this:


  8. I am playing the catch up game with writing to friends that I keep in contact with over the miles. It a fun way of keep ties and cheering ones up. Costs little money, and makes people you care about very happy. nothing like getting a letter in the mail....the old fashioned way!


  9. Hi Rhonda,

    I'm sitting her doing a post when I should really be putting the bread and washing on!

    On my mind is my Grandmother's embroidery that she did as a young woman. It has now taken pride of place in my family's dining room. I often think about her life and what it must have been like for her as a wife and mother and the things she would of had to do to get her family ready for the day.

  10. Wow you about gave me a heart attack! Not really. I have been working at my computer for a couple hours, just getting going on my Thursday work when I decided to take a break and read some blogs. When your usual Friday post came up I thought I had lost a day somewhere! But here I am in Southern Utah USA and remembering where you are calmed my soul :)

    I haven't learned to knit but I do crochet, and embroidery, and lots of other very nice things, one day I may just learn to knit.

  11. Haha! Good morning Rhonda- I think we're all alike. Looks like you'll be busy for a while.
    My contribution for 'on my mind' is about helping someone out.
    Not really a photo from home but this is what's on mind today. Maa.


  12. I also love the colour of the green Rhonda, where did you get that from?
    I took Angus's bandage off yesterday and he is positively bounding about today. Have a great weekend.

  13. Lovely projects, Rhonda...and I so understand the temptation of starting yet another neat, new project before my current one is finished! I have so many pending projects...half done...that I must make myself finish them before taking on another!

  14. Hi everyone, I'll be around to have a look at the links soon. H and I are having breakfast now.

    Anne, it's Lion's Organic cotton range. Good to hear about about Angus!

  15. Hi Rhonda, looks like you haven't got much left to do on Hanno's jumper. Enjoy finishing them all.

    My post came about when I was rushing to get ready for an appointment in town. Dashing out to the car, I looked down and what I saw reminded me of something I'd forgotten to do!


    Cheers :D

  16. Hi Rhonda, Nice to see all your knitting projects, are you getting close with Hanno's? I'm thinking about sewing this week.


  17. Hi Rhonda - Happy Friday to you although it is still Thursday for some of us. I love the green yarn! Green is my favorite color.

    But this is what's on my mind


    Happy weekend all. Claudia

  18. Trying to find time for family is on my mind.


  19. Hi Rhonda,

    Moving to Tasmania is on my mind:


    Wishing you all the best finishing your knitting jobs.


  20. http://autumnaskswhy.blogspot.com/2011/01/on-my-mind.html

    I joined you this week!

  21. This is on my mind today.... our ongoing building and renovating.


  22. I wish I had the patience to knit!

    My Nan was a great knitter, and I miss her wolly socks. Mum is a fabulous quilter, but I just dont have the patience.

    What I can do(and love doing) is paint. This is on my mind today....


  23. I decided to join in the fun with the "On my mind" post. Head on over to my blog to see the mess I'm wanting to conquer over the next two days...

  24. My mind is on Spring and a Sorrel bread pudding...
    I love knitting, I try to do a bit everyday. It's difficult but every row counts!


  25. This Is On My Mind: Preparing before My Husbands Surgery

  26. Hi Rhonda - on my mind is baby steps to preparing for disasters http://theprofessorswife.blogspot.com/

  27. Hi Rhonda
    Tomatoes are on my mind today:


    Best wishes

  28. It is still Thursday here in Canada, but I have joined in with you again! Thank you for this chance to share about my new adventure: budgeting and cutting back in order to save up funds so that I can go back to university!

  29. I have been thinking of sewing. I love your knitting projects!


    Have a lovely day!

  30. Hi Rhonda,
    Sunflowers are still on my mind...


    Beautiful knitting!

  31. oops, i meant wooly socks :)

  32. Those yarns are so beautiful! Shiny and so colorful!!

    Good luck finishing some of them up!


  33. THIS: http://nitgrit.blogspot.com/2011/01/crazy-like-fox.html
    is on my mind today! :) A dream come true. Owning a bit of land in a beautiful country side closer to family, living self sufficiently. Let the count down begin!

  34. I like the green wool but I'm not a knitter. Diet is on my mind today

  35. Rhonda in a past post a commenter, (sorry can't remember who) spoke of a Pinapple Express going thru the area, this link explains the weather conditions

  36. I would love to give a link to my blog, but I'm still working on my blog in private for awhile before I feel like it will be ready for others to read. That said, though, I wish I could post a picture of the deep teal blue cap I am knitting for my 3rd son, due this March. It is my first knitting project, and so far I think it's going alright.

    Life is really crazy for us right now - my husband is thinking of going to law school next year, which would mean leaving the security of our job and the accompanying health insurance, etc. One of our cars has problems. I have two little boys who already keep me on my 7-month-pregnant-toes, but I knit on, because despite all of the craziness, I can't wait to meet my new son and let him know that I was doing things in advance to prepare to make a place for him in our crazy little world.

  37. I see you have a lot of projects too. So do I. I understand how that works ; )
    Have a great weekend.
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  38. Hi Everyone, I haven't posted a photo today. Instead I've posted a link to a very special video song clip which is being used to raise funds for the Flood appeal here in Queenland . Hope you enjoy it!


  39. Hi Rhonda,
    here's my two cents for today ; )


    Greetings from The Netherlands

  40. I like knitting too, but I'm not very good at all.

    Here is my entry today:


  41. Haha! Well.. good luck then, Rhonda!

    And congratulations with so manu people to follow you. Yesterday I saw about 2900 people, now you have way over 3000!

    You see? You have an interesting way of living and telling. Thank you to being here!

    Love from Holland

  42. Reading though the comments,its seems that you have hit a nerve with lots of us. We all have unfinished projects. I think that it a sign of a creative mind though.

    My to do list is on my mind today


  43. Ahh, getting back to a little bit of normal after 3 storms this week, resulting in a whole LOT of snow. Here is my post for this week:

  44. only you could make me want to learn to knit, RJ! Here's what's on my mind:

  45. I'm afraid I don't have a picture post today- just catching up on your blog Rhonda! I was so shocked by all the flooding happening in your country- praying for recovery and healing.
    As for frugal ideas, I wish I had some to share that you didn't know, but you probably have learned many of the tricks by now. A couple things I have adopted lately are making my own pectin from crab-apples, or storm fall apples. Very is to keep- canning.
    My DH is making me a solar oven. My favorite use for it is vegetables- you never have to add water, they simply cook themselves in the sun and taste wonderful. Rice is also great- it cooks up quite fluffy. The cooking style is that of a slow cooker. If you work it right, you can get all the materials for free/extremely cheap, and it doesn't take much to build one. It cuts down on electric immensely. The plans are all over the internet.I wish I had more frugal tips but most of mine are from you!
    Hope you are safe and have a refreshing week.
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  46. I wasn't sure where to post the photo, so here is the link to my blog post that has a photo of my mother's knitting needles that await my training.


    On my mind... my personal war against plastics. My sudden interest in learning to knit has everything to do with this. Of course, the irony that knitting needles are made of plastic is not lost on me.

  47. Well, I did it "wrong" in that I wrote about something that was on my mind at work not at home. Apparently I need to read a little more closely!

    In any case, since it was my first try, I just went with it!


    I enjoy your blog very much.

  48. Hi Rhonda,
    I am a day late for you, but it is Friday here for me, I will be on time next week! On my mind is my new sewing project. Have a great weekend!

  49. What is a jumper (for Hanno). I know that to be a girls smock but it obviously means something else by you.


  50. Hi Rhonda,
    this is a very nice idea.
    Here's what's on my mind today:


  51. Hello everyone! Alice, a jumper is a sweater. I've finished the back and almost finished the front.

  52. Uncle Dan is on my mind:


  53. OK.... NOW it's ready for a REAL visit... my sewing room all cleaned up and ready to SEW...

  54. Hi
    I know that I late for a Friday project but my excuse is that I am on holidays at the moment so everything is a day or two late.
    The weather is cooling down a little and it has been lovely to get out into the garden before the next run of hot days keeps us all indoors again.
    Your post also reminds me to get on and finish that dish cloth that I started last week.


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