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Hello all- I am happy to report that so far we only have a handful of ladies who did not receive their parcels. It is the best we have ever done! The swap buddies who failed to send their parcel will not be allowed to swap again. That may sound mean, but really, one must be sure to live up to their obligations-just as we teach our children to take responsiblity for their actions. I had meant to pair up swappers with their swap angels today, but it turned out to be a very odd day and my toe ended up having a disagreement with a large, heavy falling object and lost-I am off to bed with a broken toe (having done this before-can you say KLUTZ- I know that you really can't do anything about it, either) and some Tylenol. I shall pair each buddy and angel up tomorrow and a big hug and thanks to our swap angels, who will be listed tomorrow.


  1. Aw - what a bummer. Hope you feel better tomorrow and hope that your toe heals quickly!

  2. Oh dear! Sharon, Rose and I can hold the fort till you feel better. Hugs RJ

  3. Best wishes to the toe, I broke one of my own a few years ago, and still remember how NOT fun it was! Keep up with the painkillers, and don't try to wriggle it for a while!

  4. hope you are doing better..

  5. Owies on the broken toe. did that once - decided it had such a low fun rating that I decided it was not worth repeating.

    Wishes for a speedy heal!

  6. Sorry about your toe! I have broken the same toe twice by walking into the same chair. Sigh. Frozen peas are your friend. :)


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