Swap news

18 May 2009
Hello all- just dropped in to remind everyone about finishing up the swap. We seem to have two missing swap buddies: Sandra Tolley and Janet Anderson. Hopefully this will jog their memories and they will contact their swap buddies. I have also been a bit late in sending mine out due to illness in my family- sigh and bah humbug :( . I have just received the lovely parcels from my swap buddies, both of whom I will be contacting today. I have set up a group flickr account for this swap. Each of you may post and tag your own photos on the site since I seem to have one of those love/ hate relationships with flickr (it regularly eats my photos and makes them disapear into lost internet land). Everyone will be able to click on this hyperlink and then to post and tag their own photos , and I will post the few photos that I have received (if anyone has problems just contact me at cdetroyes at yahoo dot com) here