Time to relax and recover

1 May 2009

Hanno and I had a day out yesterday. We had a couple of errands to run so we decided to make a day of it, have lunch out and enjoy the day. Oh dear, it was not good. We had to go into Brisbane, which is our state's capital city, and even though we bypassed the main city, we had to deal with a lot of traffic and many trucks driving very close to us. As we went over the Gateway Bridge, with a massive truck only inches from our side, I was really frightened. I've found that as I get older, I don't like travelling as much and I tend toward anxiety when I'm in a car that I'm not driving.

We didn't do everything we wanted to do because we got lost a couple of times so I was really pleased when we headed for home around 2pm. There were still many trucks and a lot of other traffic, but as we got over the river and started driving north, I started feeling better. Soon we were driving through pine forests, we passed the chicken farm with the long grey barn, tall shadows crossed the road and we were back in the Glasshouse Mountains.

Home, there is no place like it.

I'm am looking forward to spending the next four days here with the gate closed. It's been a very busy week so far with work Monday and Tuesday, then again on Wednesday. One of our volunteers was away, our school trainee rang in sick and our other volunteer went home sick. I ended up going in to prepare lunch for 12 ladies who were there doing a parenting course. Hanno came with me so we got through the lunch and the washing up and were home again by 2.30pm but it was a big day nevertheless.

Today will be in sharp contrast to those days. I'll have breakfast when I finish writing, do some laundry, bake bread, plant up tomato and lettuce seeds, plant some cuttings and then relax on the front verandah with my tea and knitting. I think that will be my lot for the day until I cook dinner tonight. It will be a quiet and calm day, spent here among the trees with the chooks and animals out the back. I hope the only noise I hear is the clucking of the chooks or a sacred kingfisher's mad screech as he flies through like a dive bomber.

Luffas drying in the sun.

Over the weekend, I'll do some sewing, skin the remaining luffas and tidy up a few areas in the house. It will be a weekend to potter around with no real chores to do, just bits and pieces to put us right for the week to come. I am looking forward to a few days of relaxation and gentle work. Just the thing to regain my strength and set me up for next week when I start concentrating on my book and working to the timetable I've set for myself.

A winter blanket for our cat Hettie, made last weekend.

Thank you for visiting with me once again. I've enjoyed your comments very much this week. Welcome to all the new readers, I'm not sure where you'll all coming from but thousands more found us this month. There has been an increase of almost 40,000 new readers in the past two months alone. I hope you all find what you're searching for. And to all my old friends, I wish you a restful weekend, at home, with the gate closed.