3 December 2010

This is on my mind ...

I am taking the lead from Soulemama here and doing a Friday photo feature. I hope she doesn't mind. This will allow us all to connect via a simple photo of the week, featured on our blogs, for all to see. Our previously unpublished photos will show something at home that we're thinking about. It can be something already done but still on your mind, something you're about to do and you're working out how to do it, or a place at home where you've spent a lot of time during the past week. It opens the door to us sharing our lives with these photos and, after my post yesterday, gives us all a new way to discover each other, and maybe form new friendships.

To take part in this, all you have to do is post a photo of something on your mind that reflects the guidelines above. Please write a short caption to explain your photo. When your post is published, come back here and add a comment, with a link to your blog photo. We will all be able to follow the breadcrumbs in the woods that lead to each new photo. Who know where these trails will lead us. You should add "This is on my mind. ..." then tell us about the photo, to identify you're part of this.

This is on my mind...

I'm taking photos for my book and need a photo of a cleaning goods gift basket. I have the basket and the homemade cleaning goods but I need to add some pretty little additions to make the basket really special. I need ribbons and cellophane! And maybe more dishcloths. :- )


  1. some springs of lavender would be a lovely touch...

  2. This is on my mind....daybreak from the porch. A sight that sustains me as I sit in a windowless workroom for the next 2 weeks.

    Photo can be seen on my blog.

    Thanks, Rhonda.

  3. Thanks Kimberly! Nice idea.

    Jinger, What a lovely photo to start this off. Thank you.

  4. This is on my mind...
    The undying cheerfulness of sparrows- even when it's well below freezing.


  5. This is on my mind....spinning.

    You can see the photo and post here....http://calidore.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/this-is-on-my-mind/

    Lovely idea Rhonda....thank you.

  6. Root and Twig, thanks for taking part in this.

    Calidore, wonderful! I've added a link to one of your posts to my side bar.

  7. I have been thiking about how to create a simple (or simpler) more self sufficient lifestyle, and have been taking my first steps at gardening using potted herbs. You can see my blog entry about this at http://freekristy.blogspot.com/
    of I think you can click on my name. new to blogging and havent quite worked it all out yet! Thanks Rhonda for such a great blog, I am really enjoying it.

  8. Kristy, is there a single photo that sums up what is on your mind. You can add a caption to it. If we all add photos, most readers will be able to visit every blog who shares. With a blog post, it takes more time and less blogs will be visited. I understand if you have no time to do it, but if you can, it would make it simpler. Thanks love.

  9. Great idea Rhonda - here's mine.

    Last week's holiday still on my mind :-)


  10. Hi Rhonda, Sorry I thought the link to by blog post & picture of my herbs was what you were asking for. Im not sure how to add a picture to the comments here.

  11. Hi Kristy, we want a photo with just a caption to explain the photo. No blog post. You can't post photos to the comments. Leave it for now, love. When we do it next Friday, remember it's just the photo with a caption. Thanks for being part of this.

  12. This is fun...

    Here is my link - http://mrsrabe.blogspot.com/2010/12/this-is-on-my-mind.html


  13. I love looking at photographs! This is such a fun idea. I couldn't resist joining in :)


  14. My bread crumb


  15. Thanks Rhonda, I have joined in.


  16. This is on my mind...potatoes!

    Thanks Rhonda for the idea.

  17. Hi Rhonda, I have a picture here http://littlejennywren.blogspot.com/2010/12/this-is-on-my-mind.html

    to share what is on my woolly mind.

  18. What a cool challenge :-)

    This is on my mind - the Kereru and how it reminds me to take some time out to appreciate what we have around us.


    Lea White

  19. Such beautiful cleaning products inspire me to do just that ~ clean! Very nice....

  20. What a fabulous idea.


  21. I'm new to blogging so I hope this works!


  22. This is on my mind ... snow and leaves.


    Great idea Rhonda, thanks.

  23. This is on my mind...
    Squares of lovely vintage sheets that I have swapped or collected, waiting to be sewn into a picnic blanket or quilt top.


    Wonderful idea Rhonda

  24. Captured my pic down in Natchez, Mississippi. Thanks to you and SouleMama for inviting me into this great Friday concept! http://bettermebetterworld.blogspot.com/2010/12/fridays-show-n-tell.html

  25. That is a gorgeous photo as-is. How inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I definitely need to do more warm touches around my own home.

  26. Hi Rhonda..
    Dec 4th is my younger son's bday who turns 3...
    This is on my mind.. a Carousel cake with aeroplanes for horses....
    Pic and post will follow on my blog later...

  27. This is on my mind...

    The end of my first week working from home, back with my family.


    I have long been a lurker on this blog, but this is my first comment - Rhonda Jean, I love your outlook on life!

  28. What a brilliant idea, I found it too late for this week but next week i would love to join please.

  29. Rhonda, I've been reading your blog for a few years and have learned so much. You've inspired me to start my own blog and I'm so happy to join in with this great way to share.

    Here's my post:


  30. Here is mine:


  31. Lovely idea, it is such fun to get a glimpse into what others are doing :) .



  32. And here's what's on my mind -- flannel.


  33. I don't have a blog; but we're really trying to make our house a home (and a lot of the things we're putting into it are recycled, and sourced from auction websites). Rhonda, how about showing some pictures of your homemade soap, particularly the rose shaped ones,intermingled with some colourful flower petals?? Take care, Bev :)

  34. I'm moving this here for Catherine. She posted her comment with the wrong post.

    Catherine said...
    I love this idea! I'm moving to Queensland in about a month, and trying to learn as much as I can about starting a fruit/veggie garden in such a new climate... I'm from Canada. Your blog is providing some great tips - I'll be sure to keep following. Thanks!
    - Catherine at The Spring (www.thespringblog.com)
    December 05, 2010 3:54 AM

  35. http://in--my--book.blogspot.com/2010/12/this-is-on-my-mind.html

  36. I hope you reap an abundance of tomatoes from those first steps, Kristy. I couldn't leave a comment on your blog - I'm not a team member, but thanks for taking part in this.


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