13 August 2021

Weekend Reading

It's been a busy week here the highlight of which was a face-to-face talk this morning with Grandma Donna on Zoom. It makes such a difference when you can see the person you're talking to online. We have a lot in common and with only a year's difference in age, our experiences are very similar. Of course, we've know each other online for a few years but the talk we had today showed us both that we should take the time for regular chats in the future. We'll meet up again soon because we've only just scratched the surface with this first meeting and we've both got a lot of questions.

Gracie had her birthday on Tuesday, she was five years old.

Earlier in the week Hanno and I finished making a new bromeliad garden just off the front verandah. It looks good and will improve even more when the plants fill out a bit. We used the bromeliads we already had here and which have been multiplying for a few years in pots. Hanno used old recycled logs to create the garden borders and the only cost was the purchase of some pine bark chips we'll use as mulch.  All up, the garden cost us $24.

I finished the Kurringai Council, Willoughby Council and North Sydney Council workshops on Wednesday with a talk about budgeting and debt reduction. It's heartening knowing some Councils are getting this type of information out to their residents.  

I still haven't taken photos of the back garden, I promise I'll have them for you next week.

Our food in the past week included lamb chops, guacamole, vegetable frittata, savoury mince (a la 1952), salmon fillets and potato salad. I made a blood orange butter cake too that stayed fresh for days which we had for dessert and morning teas Next week will be all gardening for me with no appointments or commitments, and as I'll be as free as a bird, I'll take a few food (and garden) photos for you.

The Delta variant of Covid is claiming more lives here in Australia, mainly in NSW.  We're out of lockdown in Queensland now but NSW and Melbourne are still restricted. If you're currently in isolation or lockdown, thank you for doing what we all need you to do. It's only by following the government guidelines and doing what we know is right that we'll survive this lethal virus. Take care and stay safe every time you go out.  Thanks for visiting me here today.  xx

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  1. thank you Rhonda for sharing all these great links. Have a lovely weekend
    cheers kate

  2. Hello Rhonda. Very much look forward to reading the weekend reading links. What a beautiful green sanctuary you and Hanno enjoy. We are too cold for Bromeliads here. I have tried but unfortunately try as I might the rot sets in the middle even under cover. I will leave it to your expertise further north. We have a trio of tawny frogmouths who have taken up residence in a palm tree just up the road. What a vision they are in my daily walk. I watched a very interesting episode on the show Compass on the ABC. You can watch it on catchup ABC iview. The title is "Too Much Stuff" This episode explores what over consumption is doing to our hearts and souls. It highlights another view on Decluttering too along with over consumerism. Food for thought Rhonda. You have highlighted much of this in your blogs. This weekend with such beautiful weather I am going to clean all the water features in the garden with my newly acquired retractable hoses and new spray fittings which connect to the garden only water tank. It has taken me some time to source a good hosing kit which hopefully doesn't kink. Happy days to you Rhonda as you enjoy your gardening accomplishments this coming week. Julie from Mooroolbark Victoria xx

  3. It sounds like you've had a busy week indeed, Rhonda. I hope your weekend is a relaxed one. Enjoy. And Happy Belated Birthday to sweet Gracie too! Give her a pat on her sweet head for me. ~Andrea xoxoxo

  4. How fun to Zoom with Grandma Donna! I love her and follow her blog, as well. Being so busy in the home and garden has made it easy to isolate during Covid. I am thankful for all of the domestic projects and creativity. Your new garden sounds wonderful. I just sowed some flower and vegetable seeds, and am pleased to see them poking through the soil. It has been a challenge to keep everything watered during this drought, but I stick to the disciplined schedule. Great photo of Hanno!

  5. Good evening Rhonda, what a lovely photo of Hanno and Gracie. We have a tiny poodle the same age as Gracie, I can't imagine life without her! Your garden will fill out beautifully, I have almost a matching set of plants in pots but mine are of course all indoor. Thankyou for the reading links,looking forward to some of these with my morning cup pa. Stay safe.

  6. Beautiful photo of Hanno and Gracie,your plants look gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend!💜

  7. Your newest garden looks so lush and full. No doubt it gives you daily pleasure.

    It was so encouraging to read about the woman who opened the book store. Being over 60 now, I feel these stories are so helpful and inspiring to me.

    I look forward to watching the story about the TN gardener. He seems like an interesting soul, who has done things his own way for his whole life. Being true to yourself will never steer you wrong.

    Blessings to you and yours. Stay well, dear Rhonda.

  8. So exciting to hear that you and Grandma Donna "met" to visit on Zoom! My two favorite bloggers from whom I have learned so much. Grandma Donna only lives a few hours from where I live in the Panhandle of Fl. Happy Birthday to Gracie and lovely picture of she and Hanno. Blessings, Carolyn

  9. (So annoying...I wrote a comment the same day you posted this, but on my ipad. It just disappeared. Not the first time)
    What a lovely photo of Hannu and Gracie!. Your Bromeliad garden is a great idea. It looks beautiful now and I´m guessing won´t take a lot of upkeep. Sadly impossible in our climate. Now we feel the end of summer is nigh. Only 12C yesterday and now the forecast is for heavy rain for the comming days. Good for the mushrooms in the woods.

    I read the ABC news every day and of course we keep up to date with our Melbourne family now in lockdown nr 6!! I read somewhere that the Australian government is hoping that all adults with have had both vaccinations by Christmas. I hope that happens - preferrably before of course.

    In Sweden, restrictions are lightening. Now 80.3% of the adult population have had two vaccinations and 60.1% have had one dose. I think we can thank the cooperation within the EU countries for that. We are now resuming our normal lives - not that we ever had a hectic social life but seeing family in real life and meeting friends for a coffee is such a pleasure after 1.5 years strict isolation. I hope with all my heart that the Covid situation improves in Australia.

    Keep well and take care! xx

    1. Hello Ramona, I agree, it is So annoying when comments disappear. The inclination to be vaccinated seems to be changing since the Delta variant hit. Over 80% is very impressive in Sweden and hopefully you can get back to a normal life soon. Stay safe. xx

  10. Excellent work on the bromeliad garden. They're such striking and pleasing plants. And everyone loves a thrifty project that beautifies and enhances!! I can't believe Gracie is already five. Thanks, as always, for the links.


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