30 October 2020

Weekend reading

It's been a busy week here.  Hanno was in the hospital on Monday to have an angiogram. We thought he might be headed for heart surgery but it was good news instead. Nothing has changed since the last angiogram two years ago and the only treatment is a change in medication. I'm going for my checkup today but I'm feeling good and I think I'll get a gold star.

Gracie and I went over to the hospital to collect Hanno after his tests. We sat in the very pleasant garden off the car park where Gracie attracted a few passers-by who wanted to pat her and know her name.  I think she liked that.  

The other good news this week is we got well over 100mm of rain. The weather people have forecast a La Nina event, which means above average rain and if that comes to pass, I can see this ten-year drought breaking. Our country is parched and many millions of people will be smiling if we get good rain all year.

Oh, and just a sewing update, the three pieces of fabric featured on my sewing table last week, they're all still there. I draped the Japenese lawn over the back of the chair for a day to see more of the pattern, then I carefully folded it and put it back with the others.  😎

I heard from a couple of people in the UK and US that Amazon and Book Depository had paperback Down to Earth listed on their sites but stated the publication date would be March 2021. My publisher looked into that and it seems all the books ordered so far are being sent out so if that publication date stopped you from ordering, it's just a typo which I hope will be corrected soon.

I'm more convinced than ever that living a simple life is the best way forward with the threat of Covid-19 and the over-commercialisation of business and the impact it has on the environment. The Down to Earth book will help you make those important changes and help reverse the environmental damage happening on every continent.
I haven't been working in the garden at all this week but I hope to get in there tomorrow.  It's just more of the usual with pruning, cutting back, deadheading, mulching and weeding but they're all important if I want to keep the garden going. We're going to plant bananas suckers cut off the main plant too. Hanno did that clearing and digging work and we were waiting for the rain before we went any further. How is your garden going? 

We're seeing news reports of a big increase in Covid cases in the northern hemisphere. We've been through the same in one of our states here and after months of lockdown, they've emerged this week with zero new cases. Self-isolation, with arrangements made to have your groceries delivered, makes an important difference. Please do that if you can. Use the time to declutter and organise your home, learn new skills and make sure you have something practical and productive to do every day. Most of all, stay safe and look after yourself. Wear a mask when you have to go out, wash your hands and use alchohol-based hand rub. These small, simple measures have helped us here and I'm sure they'll do the same for you. Take care, friends, and stay in touch either here or on Instagram. 

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