Weekend reading

6 March 2020
Apricot and custard cake made with backyard eggs and pantry staples.

It's been another busy week here. I've been mending and organising and Hanno has been doing his outdoor work, although he's not been well. Our main complaint is dizziness, we both have good days and bad days, and luckily the good outweighs the bad. Today I'll be deciding on my topic at the CWA talk I'm giving on Sunday - International Women's Day.  Later this morning we're taking Gracie to a groomer to be washed and clipped.  Happy days!

I hope your week has been a good one. What have you been doing?

Here are some reading and watching links when you have some downtime.  Enjoy the weekend. I'll see you again next week.  💕

Tragedy of the Isle of Women
Pegging out the wash
13 Life-Learnings from 13 Years of Brain Pickings
Yes, There Is a Correct Way to Wash Your Hands—Here's How
Face-changing paper dolls
Killer sudoku


  1. That cake looks delicious, Rhonda. Apricots and custards sound like a match made in heaven. Hope you have a lovely weekend and that Hanno is feeling better soon. Meg:)

  2. Recently my husband also experienced a spell of dizziness and I took him to the Dr who found he had very low blood pressure of 95/75 !! A couple of days after that I realized it was not the low blood pressure but rather the fact that he was suffering from heat exhaustion from being outside on the farm 10-12 hours a day. He wore a hat and took water with him but the heat was at a temperature we had never experienced here before. Now the temps are dropping the dizziness has disappeared.

    1. I'm glad he recovered quickly.

    2. Thank you Rhonda. I hope Hanno has a speedy recovery.

  3. That looks delicious, is there a recipe on your blog for it?

    1. Not yet. I'll put it up next week sometime.

  4. The apricot and custard cake looks scrumptious! Hope to get a recipe soon. I must say that the French Farmhouse, while gorgeous, is definitely not a minimalist sort of lifestyle. There is plenty of money circulating around there. But there are some good ideas to be found, too. Thanks for the weekend list, Rhonda.

  5. That cake looks divine! Hope the IWD speech goes well, and Hanno feels better soon. x

  6. Lovely photo, a cuppa and a yummy looking cake.
    No doubt your speech will go well.

  7. Oh that cake looks just great!
    Take care and have a lovely weekend...

  8. Your cake looks wonderful Rhonda, looking forward to your recipe post can't wait to make it. Now I'm off to catch up on the weekend reading, my weekend was too busy so I'm taking a slow Monday morning. Take care x
    Kate (Tassie)



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