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3 June 2019
When I gave up work in my 50s and decided to live a simpler life, I secretly hoped that one day I might be able to earn some money working at home.  I didn't know what sort of work would enable me to do that so I was very excited when it became clear that I'd be able to continue my writing career at home. 

I have an Arts degree with majors in Journalism, Literature and Communication and qualifications in technical writing. Over the past 30 years I've worked as a journalist, technical writer, monthly columnist for the Australian Women's Weekly and Burke's Backyard, freelance magazine writer and have written three books, all published by Penguin. All my books are still selling in book shops and the first book, Down to Earth, has been selling well for seven years. My blog has had almost 30 million hits. So if you're just starting your writing career or you've been writing for a while but you're in a rut and need new ideas and techniques, I'd be happy to share my experience with you and help you get to the next step and beyond.

I'm offering two new workshops this month - one for bloggers and one for writers. They'll run over six weeks so you'll have plenty of time to do the work required along with your daily work commitments. During those six weeks you can email me at any time with questions or ask for advice or suggestions.

Both workshops have comprehensive notes that will be sent to you on the first day of the course. The blogging workshop notes will be sent on 29 June and you'll have two weeks to read through the notes, and start creating your blog before we have a 90 minute face-to-face Skype session. During that session I'll show you the behind the scenes of my blog, we'll go through the notes step-by-step and I'll answer any questions you have. See the list below for full details of the course structure. You'll be assigned a partner with whom you can share your blogs and offer constructive criticism and suggestions. You'll also send you blog to me so I can give you practical help on layout, templates, colours, fonts and writing. Two weeks after the Skype session, we'll have another Skype session of 60 minutes when we can talk about what you've done with your blogs as well as how to develop an audience and move to the next level.

This workshop costs $135 and bookings close 15 June. You'll pay $70 when you book and $65 on 22 June.  

Creating your blog
Why blog?
What will your blog be about?
How much time can you give to your blog?
What blogging platform?
How to create a blog on Blogger
Blogger Dashboard - Step-by-step guide to creating your blog

Writing your blog
What's your niche?
How to write
What is good content?
A word on copyright
Building your audience
Make a blog header
Using social media with your blog
Search engine optimisation
Keywords and metatags
Writing headlines
Photos and videos
Adding links
Making money with your blog

I had been blogging haphazardly prior to attending Rhonda Hetzel's blogging workshop and through the course I learned how to solve the behind the scenes issues I was having with blogger. After the course I felt more confident, encouraged and motivated to work harder at my blog. Rhonda taught me how to make my blog more visually appealing and consistent, which has in turn helped me build my readership.

Whether you want to start a blog, or you’re a blogger who wants to learn more, I highly recommend Rhonda’s blogging workshop – you won’t be disappointed!

I had the pleasure of attending one of Rhonda’s Blogging workshop in October 2015, it was a lovely relaxed affair, held at her home. I wanted to attend the workshop to gain the knowledge and confidence to go ahead and start blogging. Rhonda was able to impart all the technical information needed to create a blog as well as wise words on how to blog, attract followers and keep them interested. 

For me the single most important thing I took away from the workshop was to be honest and blog about what you know and what you do in your everyday life. That suited me fine and that is exactly what I have continued to do, writing about my simple life and the love of staying home instead.

The Writers' Workshop is for writers who have some writing experience and want to know more about writing a book, magazine or online articles. Before you come along to the workshop, I want you to send me some of your writing, no more than an A4 page, that shows the type of writer you are.

This is unlike other writing courses because I will talk about writing and the business of writing - contracts, getting paid, royalties etc. I have contracts and third pages of my books to show you and I'll tell you the best way to present your work and how to approach publishers and editors with a view to getting published. Of course, we'll also discuss the discipline of writing, what publishers and agents do, how to submit a manuscript to a book or magazine publisher and what to expect after signing your book contract. 

The writing workshop notes will be sent out on 30 June. You'll have two weeks to go through them and think about the writing assignment you'll be given. We'll discuss it all during a 90 minute Skype session on 14 July. You'll have the opportunity to send your work to a course partner and to me for constructive criticism.  I'll give you honest feedback that I hope will help you develop your skills. You'll have have another two weeks to work on your writing assignment before we have a 60 minute Skype session when we'll discuss your writing, you'll hear others talking about their writing and I can give you advice on how to move on to the next level.

Two ladies in the last online course sent their writing assignments to a magazine and both were published so there can be very positive and rewarding practical outcomes from the workshop.  Full details of the course structure follow below.

This workshop costs $135 and bookings close 15 June. You'll pay $70 when you book and $65 on 22 June.

I am a writer, so are you
How to write
Taking notes
How important is a blog in the publishing process?
Distractions and the discipline of writing
Writing looks easy, but ...
Choosing your subject
Writing a book to be published by a book publisher
What's the best way to approach a publisher?
Do you need an agent?
What does a publisher do
Writing a synopsis
Writing a book proposal
Manuscript submissions

You've signed a contract!
Writing, editing and publishing timelines
Writing for magazines
How to approach a magazine
Getting paid
Writing for the internet
Getting paid
Writers' housekeeping
Creating an author's platform and a portfolio of your work
Keeping your own records
General tips for writers
Summary and document formats

Rhonda’s workshop has motivated me to write, to take myself seriously as a writer and showed me ways to be eloquently concise. I sold both of my assignment articles to a magazine and her prompts to pitch my work further afield are challenging me to reach beyond my comfort zone. The course format and skype sessions with other participants added layers of awareness and comprehension. Two months ago I was a dreamer, but now I am a writer. 

As a budding writer I jumped at the opportunity to attend Rhonda Hetzel’s writers workshop. Rhonda walked us through how to write, the discipline needed to become a writer, subject matter and how to submit our work though a variety of different publication avenues. 

Through the writing assignments I received constructive, practical feedback which was honest, thorough and deeply helpful. After Rhonda’s guidance I successfully submitted my first article to a magazine, along with a proposal for follow up articles.

I’m thankful for the mentoring Rhonda gave me, and I highly recommend her workshop.


  1. Rhonda I'm so pleased to see you're extending these on-line courses. To anyone thinking about doing one of these courses I must say that this is a great opportunity. Grab your chance now, you won't regret it. Don't tell yourself that you're not good enough, or you're too busy... just do it. I enjoyed every bit of the 'Writer's Course" and although there was challenging work to do, it was at a manageable pace that I could fit in with my busy lifestyle. Rhonda, you were so kind and generous with your time. You are a teacher who expects the best from your students; your corrections and suggestions really helped me to move forward, and the encouragement I received was so much appreciated. The best value writers course from someone who really knows her stuff and walks her talk. XX Sally

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback, Sally. I appreciate you taking the time out of your very busy days. xx

  2. I am interested in your writer's course, but I am in the U.S. (in the western part- I'm on Mountain Time) and would have the same problem as your British readers. I would definitely be interested if there were a time more conducive to my schedule!

    1. Hi Sarah. I've had a few Americans do the workshops and they were all in their late afternoon or evening. I just checked the time in your region and it would be 5pm (and 10am here) when we did the face-to-face Skype sessions. Is that time inconvenient for you? You work from notes and do your writing assignment when you have the time, it's just the two Skype sessions that we have at a specific time.

  3. Hi Rhonda, I live in the U.K. and I am interested in attending the writers course. Due to my health and family needs this would only work if the Skype sessions were at 9am as suggested. I am typing from my phone and just off to bed but I will send you an email in the morning with an attachment of a piece of work. Best wishes Sandra



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