10 May 2019

A perfect day in the backyard

It was a close to a perfect day in the garden yesterday. Temp 26C, low humidity, the brightest of blue skies and so many migrating birds resting on their way to somewhere else, as well as our local birds and many newbies who visit us every winter.  The gang is back in town. It was a good day.

Here is our mini Cavendish. It will grow to about 2 metres tall.

Did I tell you we planted a banana plant a couple of weeks ago? When we first came to live here there were Cavendish bananas growing in the back yard but at that time there was a Dept of Primary Industries ban on moving them or giving the rhizomes to friends to grow.  Our bananas were growing in a very dry part of the garden and in the end the drought killed them off. So you could have blown me over with a feather when I saw a mini Cavendish on sale at Bunnings recently.  Of course I grabbed one, Hanno planted it and now I'm watching it everyday.  Although it's a miniature version of a Cavendish, it will grow 30 kg bunches of bananas but you don't have to harvest the entire bunch, you can cut off a hand or two to ripen in the kitchen.

 This is the Montville Rose.

 This is our little strawberry patch. This year we're growing a nice red flowered berry called Sweetie.

There is a very special feeling outside on a cool Autumn afternoon. There's a lot of fruit growing now and with birds flying overhead and coming into the garden to drink at the bird bath, it's a bit like being in a cool, lush, green and blue paradise. We have a huge native fig tree growing in the chicken yard and about six weeks ago we had some men cut a couple of large branches off it because it was starting to cover one of the lemon trees. Now it's responded by being full of small, golden fruit and all through the day birds are in there feasting.  When figs fall to the ground, the chooks fight over who takes possession of each one. It's such a good backyard tree. It's evergreen, doesn't make much mess and it feeds the local and migrating birds; it does need a large backyard though.

While I was outside in the yard yesterday, shadowed closely by Gracie, I watered the plants, took photos, sat at the garden table, watched the birds and with the cool breeze on my face I remembered back to the harsh summer we had. The weather is so much better now. The shadows are lengthening, leaves are starting to fall on the pecan tree, oranges and lemons are ripening and when I threw fresh lettuce over the fence to the chooks, they ran towards me hoping to get the first prize. There are a few times during the year when it's perfect in our backyard - now is one of them. I wonder if this time of year is so good for others too. Do you have perfect days in your garden?
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