Sewing bee list

3 April 2019
Well, that was a delightful surprise!  I didn't expect so many ladies would join the sewing bee.  We'll have a good time and hopefully all come out the other end with at least one apron.  Next Monday  I'll post details of the sewing bee as well as a few free patterns that you can download. They'll be patterns for an ordinary plain apron - the simplest one to cut and sew, a harvest apron, cross-back apron, shop/market apron, half apron, peg apron and a child's apron.  You'll need about one metre of fabric for the main part of the apron and 25 cm of contrasting fabric.  If you're a new sewer, it might be wise to buy cotton tape too so you don't have to make the waist and neck ties.

THE LIST IS CLOSED NOW. Even if you're not on the list, you'll still be able to see everything that goes on in the sewing bee.  So join in and sew your apron with us.


I can't do a Maggie rabbit sewing bee because I'm using Alicia Paulson's pattern, which I bought a couple of years ago, and it's covered by copyright.  I can't share the pattern with you. I'll have to think about a rabbit bee, if we do one, I'll have to find a suitable new pattern.

If you want to join in, let me know in the comments or via the contact form. So far, this our list of sewing beeists:
    1. Emma - a simple living journey
    2. Stronkhorst
    3. KatMac
    4. Winkel's Crazy Ideas
    5. Lyn
    6. Kate
    7. Magda
    8. Elizabeth
    9. Lynette
    10. Brigie
    11. jpark22
    12. joelle
    13. Dee
    14. Alice
    15. JennyP
    16. Sharon
    17. Eileen
    18. barbaradougherty126
    19. Diane
    20. Tracy
    21. Lynn
    22. Leanne NZ
    23. Ria
    24. Lisa X
    25. Katkeesews
    26. Janene
    27. Noni
    28. Debbie
    29. Mandi
    30. Bernie
    31. Mags
    32. Sue
    33. Jinger
    34. Carolyn
    35. Kathy
    36. Oumayma
    37. Hazel
    38. Kim
    39. Rosebower
    40. Kathryn
    41. Bronwen
    42. Sue L
    43. Susan
    44. Marica
    45. Tradgirl
    46. Jennifer
    47. Vanessa
    48. Annetta
    49. Helen
    50. Jenny of Elefantz
    51. Emm C
    52. Colleen
    53. Fran
    54. Catherine
    55. Michele
    56. Peggy
    57. Anna
    58. Trishelle
    59. Theresa O
    60. Margaret 1
    61. Katherine
    62. Cheryl
    63. Cassandra
    64. Chris M
    65. Evelyn
    66. Margaret 2
    67. Sophie
    68. Sharon
    69. Gail
    70. Suzan
    71. Lynn R
    72. Sandi
    73. Carol
    74. Penny L
    75. Carla
    76. Marie Claire
    77. Debbie F
    78. Dawn
    79. Moi
    80. Maree
    81. Jude
    82. Luann
    83. Kaylene
    84. Kellylynn
    85. Carollyne
    86. ShirleyQ
    87. Diana F
    88. Tracie Yan
    89. Camila
    90. Rosie
    91. Teacups95
    92. Marilyn
    93. Louise
    94. Deanne
    95. Kylie Hall
    96. Barbara
    97. Jenny Joy
    98. Barbie Kay
    99. Teena
    100. Monica

And finally, my son Shane is featured in his job on instagram today. You can see the post, whether you have an instagram account or not, by clicking on this link: #noonsareefhotel  It's very easy to feel proud of Shane.  🙂


  1. I would love to join the sewing bee. A new apron to wear in the 117 year old cottage we wil be moving to in a few weeks.

  2. Oh I'm super keen to make a harvest apron!


  3. I'd love to join in on the apron sewing bee!

  4. Looking forward to this ☺, I really need a new apron. Pam

  5. I would love to join you all too :) Noni

  6. I would like to join the sewing bee please.

  7. Please let me join your sewing bee. I've recently retired (finally, at 77) and have started a crafty phase of life.

  8. I would like to join. I need a second apron and have some fabric I can use for it.

    Thank you!

  9. I'd love to join. Oumayma in France

  10. Your son is a really handsome, pleasant and friendly looking young man. You can be extremely proud of him. Best wishes from Tina from Germany

  11. Please add me to the list of apron sewers!

  12. Nice photo of your son. Gosh he looks like his dad.

  13. I'd love to join.
    Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

  14. I want to be on the list please.

  15. I'd like to join the sewing bee too, please! :)

  16. I'm really looking forward to this. I also checked out your son and what a handsome chef he is!


  17. I need to sew up a few aprons. Thank you!

  18. Yes please Rhonda, I still use my apron from the 1st challenge you did years ago. Greeting from Albany WA

  19. I'm definitely in for an apron sewing bee!

  20. Good morning Rhonda,

    I would love to join your sewing 🐝. The aprons will make lovely birthday gifts for the three special ladies in my life-my daughter and my two sisters. Looking forward to seeing the different apron styles and deciding which to make.
    Maria from Adelaide.

  21. Count me in for the sewing bee please. Colleen from Snuggle Downs

  22. Count me in too please Rhonda!

  23. Yes please! So happy to make an apron!

  24. I love aprons and would love to join in.

  25. I would also love to join the sewing bee, thanks.

  26. Hi Rhonda - would love to join the sewing bee - name Trishelle

  27. Hi Rhonda, please sign me up for the apron sew-along. I can't believe I didn't notice that I was signed in as Generic Account 🤦‍♀️
    Thanks, Cassandra

  28. Definitely want to make a cross-back style apron.

  29. I would like to join the apron sewing bee. Not that good a sewer but willing to have a go.

  30. I would like to do the apron sewing bee. Sharron

  31. I would like to join the sewing bee please Rhonda

  32. May I join in as well.

  33. Such a top photo of your son! No wonder you're proud Rhonda. Lovely

  34. Please include me in your apron class. I really need to have a nice, new one.
    Sandi from Texas

  35. Hi! I would like to join the sewing bee...thank you!
    (aka Oohoo)

  36. I think I’m probably too late, but if there’s still room I’d love to join the sewing bee . PennyL in Dorset U.K

  37. I'd love to join the sewing bee Rhonda...if there is still room.

  38. I would love to join in! Dawn

  39. Count me in too if possible cheers moi

  40. Me too Rhonda, I do need a new apron. Great idea.

  41. Oh no, I'm late! I'd like to join too, if not too late. If so though, I'll take the challenge anyway :-)

    Such a great picture of your son! He's just beamimg :-)


  42. If you still have room, I would love to join!

  43. I would love to join is spots are still available

  44. I would like to join if you have room. If I can't at this time can I join when you do it again? Thank You!

  45. I'd love to join in!

  46. If it's not too late I would.Love to join the sewing bee

  47. If there is any spaces left I’d love to join in the sewing bee.

  48. Would love to make an apron

  49. Rhonda ...I would love to join the sewing bee if there are any spots left...thanks!

  50. If you have a spot left on the sewing bee list, I would love to join in.