Weekend reading

1 September 2018
Walnut biscuits.

I spent most of Friday repotting hanging baskets and pots on the front verandah. Today is the first day of spring here so repotting and fertilising plants now gives them the best chance of many months of healthy and lush growth.  Repotting is a slow and steady job. You get to inspect the plants above and below the soil line and it's the ideal time to clip off any dead or unhealthy growth.  I didn't do much repotting last year so the plants will really benefit from their haircuts and new soil this year.

Out in the garden, the new standard roses - Mary Rose and Munstead Wood are both in flower after being planted in the garden on 24 June. The gift rose, Smiling Eyes, is in a pot and it's got its first buds but hasn't flowered yet.  

It's lovely in the garden now. The cold weather has passed and it's warm with no sign of humidity yet. We got about 30mm of rain during the month, the first real rain we've had all winter. The tanks are nearly full, so I'm grateful for the heavy downpour we had, but out in the bush the drought continues to devastate our farmers, country towns and wildlife.

I hope you enjoy some slow time over the weekend. I'll see you again next week.

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