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25 August 2018
It's been a week of gardening for me. I have doubts it will come, but we're waiting for rain now and I hope that the tanks will fill and our vegetables and fruit will grow. Today I'm working in the bush house, repotting plants and taking them out to the verandahs. What are you doing?

Thanks for your comments during the week and the support many of you offer me and your fellow commenters. Have a great weekend. I'll see you again next week. 🍀

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Happy Earth blog


  1. Hi Rhonda, I'm sorry to hear about your lack of rain. We've had several dry seasons the past several years here in Southern California. I grow my veggies in a small area. I hesitate to plant more fruit trees, because I lost so many in the drought. The citrus made it, thank goodness! Thanks for the interesting links. I hope you get some rain. Your backyard always looks so lush and green...

  2. Crossing my fingers that you get all the rain you need! We had a cool gray day here with a little sprinkle on and off, which is perfect weather as far as I'm concerned, but tomorrow the heat goes back up and it's supposed to be in the 90's by Monday. I'm much more of a cool weather fan.

    Thank you for the links! Cleaning my dishwasher is on my list of things to do, so that link you added will definitely help. :) Enjoy your weekend, and may it be filled with tank-filling rain!

  3. Thanks as always, Rhonda, for these links. I love to get my chores done on a Saturday morning then sit down with a cuppa and check out your weekend reading links. Peppermint magazine has free sewing patterns, so that was an exciting find! Hope you have a rainy weekend. Crossing fingers for rain here in Canberra too.

  4. Just had another great rag rug workshop, Rhonda. Margy was kept busy :-) No rain here so far and I am not holding my breath but you never know. Hope you get some. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Absolutely beautiful flowers!

  6. I hope you will have rain soon, Rhonda.
    Today it's raining nonstop here. I was planing to prepare a raised bed for lettuce, and had to postpone.

    Thank you for another great reading list.

  7. What am I doing? Unfortunately, waiting for rain as well. I'm on the mid north coast of NSW and we're in drought. We had a teensy bit today, but only enough to make the air smell delicious. On this overcast (but hardly rainy) Sunday, I'm also about to start hooking into both of your books - I just bought the kindle editions and I am so looking forward to reading them!

    1. We got about 10mm yesterday and maybe the same again this morning. Not much but enough to keep us going. Maybe you'll get some more rain this afternoon.

      I hope you enjoy the books. Let me know when you finish. 🙂

  8. I live in the USA and here it is getting close to Fall! Today I brought in the last of the winter squash, picked some okra, cucumbers, leeks and tomatoes. Leaves are beginning to Fall.



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