6 August 2018

Hello everyone

It was becoming "normal" to not write a post here so I thought I'd better get back and say hello to you all.  I had an enjoyable trip down to Armidale to pick up my sister, Tricia. We stayed overnight at Glen Innes then completed the 560km return journey arriving home in the early afternoon. It was good to get out on the road again, enclosed in my car bubble I could see what was going on and get a better understanding of the horrific drought that's taking a toll on the countryside here. We drove back through Stanthorpe and I took the opportunity to buy fresh apples for $7 a box. It was a real treat to see roadside stalls selling fresh winter produce like rhubarb, pumpkins, avocados and honey.

This part of the Armidale railway station. Such a beautiful building and still working very well as a government utility.

Tricia wasn't well when she arrived so there was a trip to the doctor in the first couple of days and then more medication and rest for her in that first week. The weather has been good so she was able to sit in the garden in a comfy chair, knitting and reading.  We had Kerry, Sunny, Jamie, Alex and Eve over for dinner on Saturday night and yesterday we went for a drive and had lunch down at Golden Beach. So even though we've been reasonably quite and steady, we've done a few things.

 We stopped at Shelley Beach on the way to Golden Beach to enjoy those wonderful rockpools.

I've been doing a small amount of gardening and have planted more flowers and struck cuttings, my knitted face cloths are finished and this week I'll make some soap to be packaged with the cloths. Hopefully they'll make a bit of money for Johnathan's school.

 She was such a cute puppy.

The most exciting day this week will be Friday when Gracie celebrates her second birthday. The time has gone by so fast! It seems like we brought home that tiny black bundle from the airport just a month or so ago. Back then I didn't know just how much she'd make us laugh and how we'd grow to love her. She's grown into a beautiful and intelligent dog and I thank my lucky stars she is living with us.

Our little Barnevelder chicken died. She lasted a week and spent that time in our sunny warm vegetable garden. All our chickens are vaccinated and none of the others are showing any signs of illness. My thanks to everyone who offered advice and suggestions.

This is half a cushion cover. I'll post photos soon.

Things are always a bit different when someone is staying here, it doesn't matter who it is. I never stick to my routines when we have visitors and instead I spend time talking and appreciating the connections I have with my family and friends. After a lovely visit, Tricia will travel home again and then I'll get back to my version of normality. I still have a lot to do in the garden, I want to clean out the bush house before the hot weather starts again, and there are a few things inside the house I want to sort out.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy the rest of Tricia's visit, look forward to Gracie's special day and I'll probably write here a bit more frequently and share photos. Thank you for your patience. 🌸



  1. Goodmorning Rhonda,
    I can’t believe Gracie is nearly 2, time really is flying by. Enjoy your time with your dear sister and I hope she is feeling much better soon. Have a lovely day,

  2. I am glad you enjoyed your road trip, Rhonda. The drought is cause for concern I must say. A big happy birthday to Miss Gracie. Give her an extra hug from me.

  3. Gosh, those two years have flown by - Happy Birthday to Gracie! It sounds like you're having a lovely visit with Tricia, it's wonderful that you're so close. Enjoy your home holiday with her.

  4. I flew to Parkes the beginning of July and it appeared to have less green fodder fields there. Last Thursday, we drove to Toowoomba thru Gomeri and Crows Nest. The closer to Toowoomba the drier it looks, so the drought west and south really has to be seen for those of us living on the coastal south east. This has been a great year for grass on the paddock for the cows and the vegetable patch. Raining more often but less amounts than the past few years. Forecast of rain this afternoon and I can see the clouds arriving now the fog has lifted. I do pray the falls are wide spread. It is lovely spending time with family but we all love our own routines. Best to you and yours. Erin

  5. Hi Rhonda, It's great to see you posting again. I keep meaning to tell you how much I love your new profile photo. It's sp pretty and feminine. I'm so sorry that your chicken died. They are sensitive little beings. I hope Tricia is feeling better. I'm sure your soaps and hand knits will sell well. The photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the drive you have just done Rhonda and always enjoy the roadside stalls as well. Yes, visitors must be enjoyed. Enjoy Gracie's birthday celebrations:) Pauline.

  7. Great to see a photo of our beautiful railway station! We are lucky to get a visit from the Stanthorpe growers at our fortnightly farmer's markets and buy their beautiful apple juice, fruit and honey.


  8. I’m sorry o hear Tricia has been unwell, I’m sure having your warmth and care has helped immensely.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your little chook. Good that the rest of your flock is strong and healthy still.

    Time just flies doesn’t it? I cant believe Gracie is two! Aggie is coming up to her second birthday just before Christmas. They are just the funniest little dogs.

    I hope you all enjoy the rest of Tricia’s visit togeather and best wishes for safe travels home.


  9. I cannot believe that Gracie is two already! She has really become part of the family hasn't she? I hope Tricia is feeling better, but at least she is in good hands. enjoy the rest of your time with her.

  10. I think you got that wrong - Gracie’s surely must be only one!! (ha). Time certainly flies by so quickly. Enjoy your time with Tricia as that time will fly by quickly too.

  11. I love your posts about every day life! Enjoy your time with your sister and Gracie's birthday. And take some time for yourselves after the visit. No matter how lovely it has been, it often takes up a lot of energy. Well, in my case anyways. I truly enjoy and need 2 days off, getting back into quiet mode and get my house on track. Have a wonderfull day!

  12. Rhonda, just a wee comment to say how lovely it is when you do your updates but that I hope you never feel guilty about your semi-retirement from your blog.
    Your archives are an amazing resource to any aspiring homemaker and they continue to be a gentle inspiration to many of us. They are so well-written and informative and I return to them often.
    Like your retired life, I hope this blog continues to be a pleasure for you.
    With gratitude from the other end of the globe,
    Karen (Scotland)

  13. Hi Rhonda, enjoy little Gracie's birthday and the rest of Tricia's visit. Hope Tricia is feeling much better. Those apples look lovely, I can just imagine what delicious morsels you transformed them into! Kelly

  14. Hi Rhonda! I'm sorry to hear about your chicken, but oh my goodness, your little Gracie is SO adorable! You two are lucky to have each other. <3

  15. Oh, how I wish I could find apples for $7 a box! I am thinking about placing an ad online in our community for gleaning; so many apples are just left to rot on the ground. I saw where Australia had National Picnic Day and it serves as a holiday for Australians to take a break from work. How I remember loving a holiday break from work! Thanks for sharing your fun times and pictures of that sweet Gracie.

  16. I hope Tricia is all well now.
    Happy birthday to little Gracie! Time indeed flies, I can't believe she is already 2.

    Have a great week Rhonda!

  17. Enjoy the time together! (And then I bet you'll enjoy getting back to your routine, too. I know I always do!)

  18. Hi Rhonda, sorry to hear about the chicken but glad the others are well xx


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