Weekend reading

8 December 2017
School holidays start today in my state of Queensland. The kids have a long summer break and go back to school late January. Jamie is very excited about the holidays and we've organised a project to work on together. We'll be creating a video. He loves You Tube and has a couple of shows there he's allowed to watch so it's inspired him to try his hand at video making.  The video will just be shared within the family but it should give him a taste of how complicated it can be. At the moment he thinks it will be really easy and most of us know that it is those things that look easy that are usually the toughest to master. My job as grandma on this project will be to guide him through it so he comes out the other end with an understanding of the process and the enthusiasm to develop his skills further.

The hot weather started here yesterday with 33C at noon. We've had a very mild summer so far. How are you going in your town? I hope you've got your Christmas gifts and plans organised because it's almost that time when we can all sit back and relax.

I hope you have a great weekend.  I'll see you again on Monday. xx

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