Weekend reading

29 April 2017

Tricia has been here a few days now and we've been having a really lovely time. We're driving over to the next town today to look at fabric for her new quilt. She's making one for her granddaughter, Alana. We're hoping to get up to see Sarndra, Alex and Eve on Monday which is another public holiday.  I don't remember having so many public holidays when I was working but I'm told things haven't changed. 🙄

If you've sent me an email recently, I haven't forgotten you. I'll get on to them next week.

Thanks for your visits during the week. I'll try to remember to take a few photos over the weekend and come back with a post next week. I haven't had much time for online reading but this is what I've gathered so far.  I'll see you soon. ❤️

This is a link to the American public broadcasting system's program page. You can watch the programs free of charge. However, depending on what country you're in, some will work and some won't, and some are full programs and series, others are just highlights.  There are many good movies, TV series and documentaries there, including one I will watch called Your money, your life.  I'm guessing it's similar to the book Your money or your life.