Weekend reading

7 April 2017
I made this meal during the week - satay chicken with herb rice and pickled cucumbers.  Above is the portion I made up for Sunny to eat at home.

This is now an occasional list of links to a wide variety of material that I've read recently and think you might like as well. Some are articles, some videos or podcasts as well as tutorials, recipes and patterns. I hope you enjoy browsing.

There is a very good search engine to search the blog over in the side bar. Just type in what you're looking for and it should gather a list of links that you can choose from.  Please note, the search magnifying glass at the top of the page has been disabled.

We have a busy weekend ahead with grandchildren here, preparing to plant up our garden - hopefully next week, and whatever else comes our way. I hope you have a lovely weekend and take some time out to relax.  Thanks for your visits and comments week. xx

List of herbs for hens
100% orange juice isn't as natural as you think
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9 stunning stitches that you'll want to crochet over and over again - videos
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Look at Jenny's new collection of dolls. If you want to order one, you'd better get a wriggle on.
Plan for an emergency: Cyclone
Podcast: The powerful impact of gut health on our bodies and brains: Giulia Enders
I thought I'd post a link to someone who comments here. This time it's Cheryl at A Simply Good Life  Good luck with the flood clean up, Cheryl.