Weekend reading

2 September 2016
 The garden on Thursday.

My sincere thanks to everyone who commented or emailed about topics I could cover in future posts. It really clarified things for me and I've been giving it a lot of thought as I go about my work. I'll explain it all in Monday's post so tune in then.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get the chance to either relax or do something you really love.  See you next week, friends.

Doctors should prescribe gardening for patients more often, says report
Seasonal eating: does it matter?
The sad slippery slope of bar soap
Something to learn from the “last of a dying breed”
The weird route to real community
How to knit
Round Yoke Toddler Sweater


  1. I find it interesting that people fear bar soap is covered in germs after use. I suspect the plastic pump head on the liquid soap dispenser has more on it than a bar of soap. We do use liquid soap in the kitchen, and even though we're careful to pump it with a wrist or something if we have raw meat on our hands, I still wipe it down frequently just in case.

  2. I love your blog. You are living the life I tried to live for myself, but unfortunately, my ex husband was not on board. Being self sufficient meant poverty and lack of material goods to him. The more I tried to be self sufficient, raising our children in the country, gardening, canning, quilting, raising chickens, heating with wood, etc., the more depressed he became. It eventually ended our marriage. I am now in my mid 70's and have never found a man with the same ideals as myself.

  3. Such a great list of things to read over the weekend - thanks Rhonda. x

  4. I liked the soap bar discussion. I have done my own comparisons on liquid soaps versus bar soaps. The plastic bottle urks me with liquid soap as does the fact we use way more liquid soap then bar soap. Both those realisations were enough for me to revert to bar soap.



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