A new baby!

12 September 2016
Yes, there's a new baby coming into our lives, she's a Scottish Terrier puppy called Gracie. Those of you who have been reading here for a long time will know that in the past we lived with Airedale Terriers. We lost Rosie, aged 12, eight years ago and Alice, aged 13, five years ago. When Hettie, our 18 year old cat, died last year we were both heart-broken and we swore she would be our last pet. Those final days were just too painful.

Well, a bit of water has flowed under the bridge since then and life seems to have helped us forget some of that pain. All the pressure of paid work is in the past for us and now that we're up to date with our home maintenance, we're looking for new challenges.  Enter Gracie, stage left.

She arrives on 5 October and we're really looking forward to welcoming her into our family.  We'll go back to making dog food and biscuits and having chewed shoes. Gracie will be a house dog, with occasional forays, when she's older, into the chook house to help us keep down the rat and mouse population out there. Traditionally Scottie dogs were bred to hunt rodents.

We're both keen to train Gracie when she settles in. We're looking forward to many hours with her running in the back yard, chasing a ball, and trips out and about to show her the wide world - or the small part of it that we inhabit. And in the meantime, we're preparing the house, making blankets and bedding and looking for toys, a seat belt harness and collar.  It's like getting ready for a baby all over again and that's always a good thing.  ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎