Weekend reading

20 August 2016
Picking turnips.

We had a fright with the chickens during the week. I heard squawking, ran outside to see what was happening and, at the passionfruit trellis right near the house, an eagle had our frizzle Kathleen by the neck. Luckily it let go and flew off when it saw me. I tried to find the other frizzle, Tricia, but she was no where to be found. I resigned myself to losing both chickens - I thought Tricia was already dead and that Kathleen would die of shock.  Well, much to my delight, Tricia reappeared and Kathleen was fine and dandy the following morning. They might be small and fluffy but those frizzles are tough gals.

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The royal wedding cake - when I saw this I thought it was similar to a cake my mother use to make when I was a young girl. The only difference was I was pretty sure mum's cake contained copha. Later on the same day I was looking through Classics, the CWA cookbook, and found THE recipe. It's called copha cake and is on page 324.
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