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20 August 2016
Picking turnips.

We had a fright with the chickens during the week. I heard squawking, ran outside to see what was happening and, at the passionfruit trellis right near the house, an eagle had our frizzle Kathleen by the neck. Luckily it let go and flew off when it saw me. I tried to find the other frizzle, Tricia, but she was no where to be found. I resigned myself to losing both chickens - I thought Tricia was already dead and that Kathleen would die of shock.  Well, much to my delight, Tricia reappeared and Kathleen was fine and dandy the following morning. They might be small and fluffy but those frizzles are tough gals.

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Devon sandwiches
The Benefits of Living Alone on a Mountain - I vaguely remember posting this a few years ago, but it's interesting, so here it is again.
Why time seems to go by more quickly as we get older
Vegetarian sandwiches
The royal wedding cake - when I saw this I thought it was similar to a cake my mother use to make when I was a young girl. The only difference was I was pretty sure mum's cake contained copha. Later on the same day I was looking through Classics, the CWA cookbook, and found THE recipe. It's called copha cake and is on page 324.
How one family is sending 13 kids to college, living debt free
Off-grid with Doug and Stacey
A rainbow of ice cubes



  1. I'm so glad the chickens are ok. That must have been very upsetting to see them in danger. We don't have chickens but I know I would be very attached to them if we did. :) Deb

  2. Totally thrilled both Kathleen and Tricia were not killed by that eagle Rhonda. When I had hens at another location I had a similar experience but one of my little bantam hens was not so fortunate. After that DH and I made sure the top of the run had chicken wire over it to stop the hawks flying down to get our hens

    1. Our chook run is sheltered with large trees, this attack happened while they were free-ranging in the back yard. I noticed both frizzles are staying close to the coop, even when they could go out to the yard. I'll just have to keep an eye on them.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    I'm happy to hear your chickens are all safe and sound.
    Thankyou for the Devon Sandwiches link as I've been googling homemade deli meats for a while and this looks perfect.
    Also trying to open the Vegetarian Sandwiches link and am getting a different page - it may be something I'm doing, not sure.

    1. There you go Kylie, the link should work now.

  4. Hi Rhonda,

    very sweet that one of your chooks is named after your sister!

    have a great weekend,


  5. I loved looking through my mum's CWA cookbook as a teenager, all those wonderful recipes and oh, the instructions on how to keep a happy home. I always wanted to be a '50s housewife, but realise that it was the romanticised version I wanted, as that was what was portrayed in the old 1950's Womans Weekly magazines I also loved to pour over. Now I always feel a little disappointed that I don't quite reach that idealistic standard! LOL

  6. A lovely picture of Hanno in the garden. I remember when a hawk flew in and picked up a favarol chicken, it panicked when my sister came out and dropped the poor girl, she was ok luckily. Wish you both a great weekend. Pam in Norway

  7. Phew! Close call for the little chooks! So glad they are safe.
    We have Sparrow Hawks and Buzzards around here and my girls stop, stock still until the threat has flown off.

  8. Poor little love. :(

    Happy to see your weekend reading up! I always love your links Rhonda. Always good to poke around online in new places.


  9. The iPad article you listed is great! Thanks for all the great reading!

  10. The picture of Hanno is really lovely :)


  11. Glad your frizzles are ok, but wonderful too to have an eagle around. I have a big plymouth rock, Juno is a statuesque girl, and it took a while for the 'oldies' to accept her when she was new, and they'd always be chasing her off..... until they thought there was danger from the skies and they'd all run and hide under her:) Naughty things. Thanks for the reading list.

  12. Oh thank goodness the chookens are ok.
    The Devon recipe is the one that I made a couple of years back. It's a nice easy recipe.

  13. I can almost feel my arteries clogging, just thinking about copha cake, I think tbe biscuit cake with butter sounds a bit better, you could also use coconut oil. Glad to hear your frizzle's are recovered from their ordeal, poor girls. Thanks for the link to home made devon, sounds delicious.

  14. Blimey.Scary. We are used to foxes roaming and one did snatch two chickens in broad daylight, and have white goshawks that try to eat our cockatiels in their cage. Apparently they have learnt how to open latches!
    The chickens sense when a hawk or other bird of prey is circling high in the sky above. Ours will see it and go quiet and still, long before we see it. A rooster is handy as they are always on alert but OH I can't go back to the crowing at every hours of the night!

  15. How lucky that both hens are okay! We have had to build enclosed chicken tractors for our girls--between hawks, bobcats, and raccoons, they just weren't safe, even in their pen. Now they're locked up tight and safe and I move them to fresh grass every day or two, so they're happy.

    I'd never heard of a Devon sandwich before--the Devon looks similar to a meatloaf, and my favorite thing to do with leftover meatloaf is to put it in a sandwich, so I might have to give that a try sometime.

  16. You have a lovely blog. I am glad that the hens are okay.



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