12 December 2014

Weekend reading

Spicy pickled cucumbers.

In two short weeks, Christmas will be over for another year. I hope you have some time this weekend to plan out your festivities menu. Mine's all done but I've done nothing about decorating. I don't go overboard but I do like to put up reminders of Christmas. It's done mainly for Jamie but I think all the adults like it too. It makes a delightful change to the usual look of our home, especially having the sparkle of fairy lights. 

When you've finished all your work this weekend, sit down and relax for a while. There is nothing that can't wait for 30 minutes while you catch your breath and collect your thoughts over a cup of tea.

See you next week!

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  1. I have been so busy lately I haven't had time to come visit! But I always enjoy your weekend reading. It is so cold here it is nice to see your warm weather!

  2. Good words. I love twinkly lights...but I think part of what makes them special is only bringing them out one month a year!

  3. Yes...a cup of tea. I find myself drinking more tea than coffee recently, especially when I need to collect my thoughts. How right you are.

  4. Lovely picture!! The pictures added to your posts make them so much more interesting! Your eye for detail and composition along with focus are enviable!! I find even the backgrounds not only interesting, but often inspiring me to rethink/reexamine some of the things I do in my life, as well.

    This picture has me considering using roselle in place of cranberry to make a roselle cranberry relish reminiscent of cranberry orange relish (of my childhood). Many thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Your blogs provide vital mentoring as you inform and guide and walk along side your readers on the journey to stewardship through simpler living. Sharing the journey is a wonderful gift! If you kept your story and your journey and all that you have learned locked away behind your gate, thousands of people the world over, whom you may only meet via the written word, will not be empowered with the wisdom you share with us! Several new aspects of my life are directly attributable to you and your blog: fruit scrap vinegar, green cleaning the oven, ginger beer, using your guidelines to inform further reuse, repurposing and recycling. Your invitations to share our experiences and thoughts allow me to add to the conversation, since I do not blog.

    Finding your faithful blogs was a breath of fresh air! Half the world away, yet resonating with unashamed values for a more meaningful life that supports healthy families and communities, it provides me with encouragement for today and all of my tomorrows – to live within my means and utilize my resources responsibly, for present and future generations. Your engaging pictures and stories speak to several generations across the world and are enlightening to those of us who live elsewhere on the planet. ;-) (and have never seen the sights of Australia from your perspective)


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