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5 December 2014
We have a lot of flowers in the vegetable garden right now. They love the hot weather. Not only do they look beautiful and give us a harvest of flowers for the kitchen table, they bring in the beneficial bugs too.

I guess many readers are preparing for the holidays, it's a busy time of year. Australian schools stop for summer holidays soon and many people will be taking it easy until late January. Whatever you're doing, enjoy the change of seasons and the anticipation of all those hot days at the beach or cold days by the fire.

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Reviving Blue Collar Work: 5 Benefits of Working in the Skilled Trades
The importance of work
Notes from a novice quilter
How to clean a quilt
The secret to making a great curry
Fragrant pickled vegetables
Gardeners' World Christmas
Christmas in Australia - a short film from 1958. I would have been ten years old then and mum would have taken Tricia and I into the city to visit Santa.
Lovely light bakes, gluten-free
Dining out for Christmas?  No thanks, for me, Christmas is always connected to home.
Five frugal ways to furnish your first home
Holiday garland tutorials
Mini festive wreaths
Felt Christmas ornaments


  1. Thanks for the quilt cleaning link! I have a quilt that I've been too scared to wash for fear of damaging it. I'll clean it with confidence now on our next sunny day!

  2. Sorry to whinge but I couldn't open the first reading - "reviving blue collar work". Is it just my computer?

    1. Not a problem, Jill. All my settings have gone to default since I had the computer repaired. It's all fixed now and the links open in their own window again. :- ) Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend, Rhonda! I love that you take your time to feed us with weekend readings :-) Christina, Denmark

  4. Rhonda, thanks for the links. Some interesting reading coming up I can see. Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy the rain.

  5. I love the link to Christmas in Australia. It was the year I was born and can't wait to show my kids how it was for us way back then. I'm sure Christmas wasn't as 'crazy' as it it now. Have a great weekend Rhonda!

  6. The Christmas in Australia video brought back many happy childhood memories. In 1958 I was 6 and my sister was 4 and Mum would take us to The Magic Cave in John Martins to sit on Father Christmas's lap and ask him for what we would like for Christmas. Sadly John Martin's is no longer in Adelaide but David Jones has a Magic Cave for todays youngsters.

  7. Great post, and thank you for sharing the links.

  8. Thanks Rhonda, loved the Christmas in Australia, I was 3 then and that film brought back so many memories.


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