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28 November 2014
From just outside my window, a baby magpie and a pair of noisy miners having a bath.

I'm back, again!  I picked up my laptop yesterday afternoon after two days away in the computer hospital. It's the first time we've ever been separated. Sob.  LOL It's strange how attached we become to our computers.  Anyhow, she's had a new hard drive fitted. The old one worn out after constant use over five years. I hope she'll go on for another five years.

The weather is very warm here and the storm season has started. We had good rain last night and the tanks are full, surely that's a good sign. I hope your weather isn't too severe although I did see on the news yesterday that parts of the US had heavy snowfall.  Stay safe, friends.

I'm starting to think about Christmas and will start acting on those thoughts in the coming week or two. How about you? What do you start decorating?

Enjoy your weekend. Take it easy, put your feet up, even if it's only for 15 minutes. 

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How to fold a fitted sheet - Martha Stewart on You Tube
How small farmers Fiona and Adam won chook lotto  And here is Fiona's wonderful blog, Inner Pickle. Many of you know this blog but for those who don't, you must visit. Fiona has some of the best cake, biscuit and slice recipes on the web. We've tasted Fiona's biscuits too. they're absolutely delicious.
How to make water kefir  Check out the rest of Tricia's blog while you're there. It's full of good accurate information.
Vegetarian recipes
Christmas ideas
Free Christmas printables
Traditional Christmas recipes with an Australian twist


  1. Hi Rhonda.. You must be relieved to get your computer fixed.. I always love your weekend reading post and find it so interesting.. I hope to start my Christmas decor soon, too.. Take care, my friend. xo

  2. Have a relaxing weekend, Rhonda and thanks for the links. I am particularly interested in more water kefir recipes as my grains are liking the hot weather. No Christmas preparations for me as I am heading up to the NW for the new bub's arrival. Can't get a better Christmas present than a new grandchild can you?

  3. Hi Rhonda,

    wow,a full tank, I'd don't think you would find one of those in Armidale at the moment.

    We are putting our tree up next weekend - what I'm most looking forward to is delicious Christmas baking :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  4. We were out on our weekly walk on 26th November and strolled past houses who already have their trees up and lit! It seems seasonal decorating is sliding into Bonfire Night.

  5. whoo hoo to a repaired computer and full water tanks! Yes...we have snow (it's been the snowiest November since 1895 - yikes!) I have begun decorating. All of my Christmas pressies have been bought and wrapped! (I still have to craft a couple tho)
    have a blessed weekend Rhonda!

  6. Thanks for the fitted sheet post up there ..... I currently have 'balls' of fitted sheets in my cupboard. Yet another thing I have not been taught when homemaking skipped a generation-although perhaps my grandma didn't have fitted sheets!

    1. Kim, I think fitted sheets are a newish product. I don't remember seeing fitted sheets when I was young. Good luck with your folding.

    2. The fitted sheet instructions were no help at all Rhonda.... i think i looked like the poor lady in the maroon top...LOL a tangled mess.....

  7. First it's time for us to celebrate 'Sinterklaas' (5 December) here in Holland! After that we are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holidays. Time to be with our beloved family and friends, decorating our home with 'left-overs' from early years. For now I am knitting some scarfs, hats and other Christmas gifts. Hope they will be ready on time!

    Nice to see you are safe back home!

    Love from Holland

    1. I had to look up Sinterklaas. It's very interesting that we all have these charming traditions. Do you exchange gifts on Christmas day as well or is Sinterklaas your gift giving time?

  8. I can't say l am very attached to my computer, can go a couple of months between it being switched on atall. We do have a couple of phones up and running though. I am very anti - digital communication on the whole because l have witnessed first hand how it can steal away loved ones and our time together. Just emagine It being almost December already! My Advent star is up today, so lovely with more light as winter is sooo dark up North. I have bought some hyacinths and my christmas kitchen curtains are going up tomorrow, the rest will have to wait a few weeks. Happy weekend Rhonda, to you and your family, Pam x

  9. Thank you for the link and kind words Rhonda.

    Full water tanks! That is something I'm very envious of. I'll be calling it quits on my summer garden in the next month or so. I just don't have enough water to get through December/January. I love how diverse this country is - and that we all face different gardening challenges. Have a great week. Tricia x


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