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13 December 2013

I've been seeing the heavy snow falls and storm footage from north America and the UK on our news here. It's such a tragedy that people are dying because of the weather. I've never told you this before but quite frequently when we have bad weather here, and especially when we're in drought, it's hot and it seems like the rains will never come again, I go searching your blogs to find photos of rivers or snow. When I find something I like, I use it as my computer wallpaper to remind me that seasons change and soon the brown will turn to green.

I remembered that when I saw that snow storm footage and the next morning I went out the front and took these photos. They are for anyone to use as their wallpaper as a reminder of what is to come. There will be a time soon when gentle sunlight will fall on your front step and the day ahead will be warm and beautiful. Stay warm, friends.

New life in the hanging baskets. 

Fork to Fork - tomatoes and onions (Monty Don) Youtube
Fork to Fork - squashes (Monty Don) Youtube
Project Wild Thing
Stop buying gifts you can't afford
Peppermint candy cane cake
10 easy kitchen extract to make at home
Mason jar lighting projects
The romance of the homemade candle
Pumpkin dog biscuits
Helping chickens survive the heat

From comments here during the week
Terry Corum
Elastic Mom

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you next week.  


  1. What a nice thought, to use a opposite image. Now we are in wintertime, I like to use your garden view, to remind me the warmth of the summer. We have no snow at the moment but it is cold, watercold and misty in Holland.
    Have a nice weekend, Manon

  2. You are so right. When I see the sort of weather they have up there I am so grateful to live in Australia. We have had a cool start to spring and summer down here in Vic that the paddocks and hills are still green and beautiful. I don't know how I would go if I had to cope with snow and terrible storms.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    When I first saw your pictures, before even reading the post, my thought was how nice it was to see pictures of green and warm sunshine! :) I just posted about spending a day out in the snowy woods when it was 25 F/-4C. I also wanted to say that I've been reading your blog for years and years now (mostly a lurker) and I'm enjoying it as much as ever!

  4. Rhonda, I especially enjoy your blog as when it is your summer, it is my very cold winter in Northern Wisconsin, USA. This week I haven't felt any temperatures above 0 degrees F. But as I look at your wonderful garden and chook photos you post during this time of the year, I remember it will be summer here again someday too. Even if just for a few short months!

  5. Wow - great timing, Rhonda... It's been snowing ALL DAY and it's cold as an ice box. It's so depressing... I know that it will pass, but between the dark, short days and this blasted blizzard, it does get me down. I am SO ready for solstice!

    Sign me,

    layered in woollens and slippered in sheepskin, sitting by the fire,


  6. Thank you! It's slowly melting, but our a yard is still white with ice! It's grey and chilly.

  7. That is a lovely thought Rhonda. We really are so fortunate here in most regions of Australia as we may be a bit uncomfortable in the winter but our winter weather is normally not life threatening like it is at times overseas. I hope everyone stays safe and warm in the snowy season.

  8. That's very nice of you, Rhonda! We just have a little snow and it's very pretty. But more to come on Sunday. Your top photo is beautiful!

  9. The photo of the ferns just emerging is lovely. But it hasn't been cold enough for long enough for me to be longing for warmth and greenery. It is much colder than normal here in southern Indiana. About 8 inches of snow on the ground with frozen rain and sleet underneath it and temperatures about 30 degrees colder than normal. Cold and messy but not life threatening----we didn't get the worst of it by a long shot. I'm enjoying the enforced inside time: cooking, knitting and reading---so nice not to feel that you ought to be outside doing something constructive!

    Indiana USA

  10. Hi Rhonda,
    The link about helping chickens survive the heat says I don't have permission to view. Is this a broken link?
    Many thanks,

    1. All fixed now, Nicole. Thanks for letting me know.

  11. Thank you Rhonda! I just came in from shutting up the chickens and filling our outside wood stove for the night its 8 degrees at the present and I came in cold. The first thing I did was set at the computer and I noticed your post. You made me feel better just thinking of summer not sure why but this winter is really getting to me more so than the winters past and yes I am putting your fern as my screen saver, you raised my winter time blues for a bit and for that I thank you! :)

  12. Thank you for linking to my blog, Rhonda. What a lovely surprise!

  13. Lovely to see a link to River Cottage here - Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is the ONLY TV cook to have ALL his books gracing my bookcase - his stuff is fab, and the books are wonderful just to browse through too!
    Thoughts going from here to all with storms too - we're fortunate in the UK that we only very rarely get seriously extreme weather, although the Scottish Highlands and Islands suffer worse than we do down in the south, I'll make a point of posting some snow pics on my blog just as soon as we get a fall, just in case you need them Rhonda!

  14. Thanks for the link to my blog Rhonda! I was wondering why all of the sudden I was getting so many page views. What a great surprise! Your blog posts about starting a blog was the kick start I needed to begin my own, so thank you again! Enjoy the warmth. Here it is slowly but steadily snowing and my kids are loving every minute of it!

  15. Thanks for the reading links Rhonda....the one for pumpkin dog biscuits is linked to the homemade candle story though.......I'm keen to read that one. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. It's ready for you now, Nanette. Sorry for the wait.

  16. Thanks Rhonda. I've been out doing the shopping, so didn't notice the wait, and can now sit and have a look while having a cuppa.

  17. Thanks for the link to looking after chooks in the heat. Ours have survived Melbourne summers for the past few years without us doing much as their home is part of a larger aviary which is in the north west corner of our backyard and there are plenty of trees which provide shade in summer and shelter in winter. All the aviaries have their own taps and 'showers' which we use on hot days to cool the complex down. But there are plenty of good hints in that article so I've saved it and will print a copy for the MOTH to take on board.
    Thanks also for the link to Stop Buying Gifts You Can't Afford. I found something that I thought was hilarious, although you may not have, so I won't go any further, but indirectly thanks for the laugh!

  18. It is so funny Rhonda that I drank in your photos before I read your words as we are expecting a huge snow storm over night and I have a son who needs to drive quite a long way to work very early in the morning.. I do not like storms when my children need to get to work ,, I was thinking how lovely your photos are ... Yes, the Spring will come again.. Thank you.. xo

  19. Thank you so much for your photos of green shoots and sunshine. Enjoy your summer. We currently have a winter storm blowing outside!


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